Free Flights When You Sign Up For DirectTV/Shop Online

As you know by now, I really like to earn miles and points. It feels even more awesome to earn points when it is from a purchase you were already going to make. The great part about this is you DO NOT need a credit to earn these points. I am going to show you easy ways to rack up miles just by shopping online.

American Airlines and United Airlines will give you 25k points just for signing up for DirectTV. That is enough for a roundtrip anywhere in the USA (lower 48). If you are near a United hub, it works best to sign up with them, same rules applies if you live near an American Airlines hub. Southwest only gives you 12,500 points but you save $10 a month off your service, $120 in one year.

You will first want to create a frequent flyer account for the airline, then follow the links below. (Once you have your frequent flyer number)
United Offer ($29 a month base charge for TV)
AA Offer ($29 a month base charge for TV)
Southwest offer ($19 a month base charge for TV)


Southwest Airlines will also give you 3,600 points for signing up with Verizon Wireless Online. You just need to activate one new line to receive the 3,600 points. For reference, 3,600 points is worth about $51 dollars towards a flight on SWA. If you were going to sign up anyway, why not get a free $50?


If you aren’t signing up for satellite or phones anytime soon, there are still other ways to rack up some miles for common purchases.  Using the site, you can look up any major online retailer and see which airline or hotel loyalty programs will pay you the most points. I will backup a few steps, airlines and hotels have shopping portals that give you points depending on how much money you spend with online stores. Cashbackmonitor scans all the shopping portals and shows you which retailer offers the most points per dollar. Each store point offering will vary and can change week to week. If earns 4 points with Southwest but earns you 5 points with United, I would personally rather take the Southwest points. Southwest points are more flexible and valuable.

• Some earning scenarios:

Let’s say you have a Southwest rapid rewards account, currently you will receive 12 points per dollar spend on So if you were going to buy $75 worth of goodies on Sephora, you would receive 900 points, worth about $13 in flights!

School is just around the corner, are you going to be buying a laptop or flat screen soon? Sears is offering 10 points per dollar spend in the Southwest shopping portal. If you purchase a $450 laptop from Sears, that would be 4,500 points, worth about $64 in flights on Southwest!

Are you going to make any major home improvement upgrades? Delta Airlines is offering 6 miles per dollar spent at New fridge for $1,300 in your future? That purchase would earn you 7,800 Delta miles. With 7,500 miles you can take a short-haul one way flight such as Sacramento to Los Angeles. That flight would normally run you about $90.

Keep in mind, this is all in addition to the points you may earn with your credit card on the transaction, if you have a credit card to use. If you have a 2% cashback card, you would receive $26 back on your fridge purchase from your CC company, PLUS the Delta miles. That is $116 in free stuff.

That is why when I see somebody making a huge purchase with their debit card in store it saddens me. Not too long ago I watched somebody use a debit card in Sears to buy two flat screens for over $1,500, they could have earned 15,000 southwest points which is a free round trip!

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