Cheap flights between Phoenix and San Francisco for 4th of July Weekend

Haven’t decided what you are going to do on the 4th of July weekend? Every so often airlines compete for routes between cities, this is a win for us!

These airlines offer nonstop service between PHX and SFO:

• Southwest (you have to go to to see pricing)
• Us Airways
• United
• Frontier



There are a few roundtrip flights between PHX and SFO for as low as $137! This route is normally $250 + round trip. Southwest has a round trip from PHX to SFO for only $178 and those are non stops.

I recommend using google flights to find the best deal. Remember, you can always book separate airlines each way. So it may make sense to take United on the way there and Southwest on the way back. Another thing worth mentioning, Frontier was recently purchased by Spirit airlines, they now charge for every thing including carry on bags. You are only allowed to bring a purse or backpack for no charge. United, Us Airways, and Southwest don’t charge for carry ons, and Southwest does not charge for checked bags either.

Almost all airlines allow you to cancel your flight for a full refund with 24 hours of booking. I recommend purchasing a ticket before the flight fills up or pricing changes, you have 24 hours to change your mind. Southwest will let you cancel at anytime and will hold onto your credit for future flights, so there is almost no risk to book before the pricing goes up.

Also, by purchasing a flight you are able to earn miles by flying. A $178 Southwest ticket earns you 1,068 points, worth about $15 in points.

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