DEAL ALERT: 162 Dollar Flights to Paris & Amsterdam One Way – via WOW Air

Have you been wanting to venture across the pond? There are flights from the East Coast into Europe for $99 one-way. This is a no brainer if you have been thinking about going international. Even if you have to pay to get to the east coast to catch the flight this is still a great deal. Give yourself a few days and see the east coast on your way over to Europe.

WOW Air is a budget airline based in Iceland. They operate flights out of Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA. Many folks have said it is a very nice experience for a budget airline. Baggage is $38 if you pack heavy.


Look at that smiling airplane
Look at that smiling airplane



Let’s dive into the deals:

Baltimore To Paris



All WOW Air flights from Baltimore and Boston will have a layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. From there you will connect onto your final destination.
Here are some $99 flights from Baltimore to Amsterdam:

Baltimore to Amsterdam
Baltimore to Amsterdam




Keep in mind that there are customs fees on your return flight to the US. This is why the return flight is more expensive ($188 for return flight). Round-trip you are looking at only $288 from the East Coast to Amsterdam.




The good news about flying out of Baltimore is that it is a large hub for Southwest Airlines. You can get to Baltimore from almost any Southwest Airlines operated city on the west coast.

So you got to Amsterdam or Paris, now what? The great thing about Europe is they have cheap rail and cheap airfare. You can fly between countries for less than $30 one way in some cases. If you land in Paris you can then fly to Rome or Barcelona for dirt cheap. Look at your connection options for under $50





Plenty of cheap flight choices from Amsterdam as well. You can get to London for $44.


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