Sale: Use Delta Points to Fly to Europe RT for few as 42k Points, Normally 60k

Delta is having a sale on award flights to Europe. There are some killer deals if you have Delta points and have been waiting to visit Europe in the fall.


If you fly from a city in the Central or Eastern time zones it will only cost you 42,000 SkyMiles for a round-trip, plus fees (around $50-100 -ish). If you fly from a city in the Mountain or Pacific time zones it will run you 48,000 SkyMiles round-trip, still an awesome deal. These flights are typically 60,000 miles roundtrip so you will save 12k-18k miles off the standard rate, enough for a one way domestic flight.

The available flight dates for these discounted rates run from mid October to mid February.  Some cities that you can fly to at these discount rates are London (LHR), Paris (CDG), Amsterdam (AMS), and Frankfurt (FRA), to name a few.


– One thing to keep in mind is that you will want to book a round trip when flying to Europe. You technically can book two separate one way flights but on your return flight from Europe you will pay a lot more in fees. The reason for this is because your one way “return” to the US would be charged additional duties since it appears as though you are a resident of Europe departing Europe. Avoid this if you can!


– The second thing to keep in mind is that you CAN book a multi-city trip for the same amount of points. This can be a great benefit if you are planning to tour Europe and you want to visit more than one city or country while across the pond. The city and country you return from determine the amount of fees you will pay. Amsterdam is a good return choice since it will only cost you $58 in fees. If you return from London it will be $204 in fees, so if you want to visit London, the best thing would be to fly there first and then return from Amsterdam. Use the $146 you’d save to buy flights from London, onto to Paris, and then to Amsterdam to catch your flight home! (and you will still not have spent $146 in flights to get around Europe)



You can fly from Denver to Paris and then return from Amsterdam for only 48,000 points + $58.  You will have to get yourself from Paris to Amsterdam but that is super easy. You can take a 4 hour train ride or take a short flight, each for about $40!



travel points miles awards delta 21k 42k round trip book
$40 flight from Paris to Amsterdam




How to book a Multi-City award flight on Delta:

Multi City flight
Multi City flight






Here are some other examples of flights you can book with your SkyMiles:


Sacramento to Paris
Sacramento to Paris



Phoenix to Paris, oui, oui!
Phoenix to Paris, oui, oui!



Minneapolis to Amsterdam
Minneapolis to Amsterdam

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