Southwest Airlines, Double Points Offer for the Next Two Months

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you will know that I harp on subscribing to offers from every travel company out there. Airlines, hotels, and rental car companies send exclusive offers to their loyal customers who subscribe, so why not get extra points just for inputting your email?


Check your email for this offer


Southwest has sent out an offer to their email subscribers (check your email), earn 2x points on all flights taken now until November 18th. A typical ‘Wanna Get Away’ fare will net you roughly 5x points per dollar spent. That means a $100 dollar flight will earn you about 500 points under normal circumstances. During this promotion you will earn double that, 10x points per dollar, so a $100 flight will net you roughly 1,000 Southwest points. Isn’t it great to score extra points on something you were going to do anyway?


Free SW flight that only cost 49 points per dollar, or 2,900 points one way
Free SW flight that only cost 49 points per dollar, or 2,900 points one way


Okay, let’s break down what you can do with these points you earn. Southwest generally requires around 50-70 points per dollar if you are using your points to pay for a flight. A $70 flight will cost you roughly 4,500 points, give or take.


If you have Southwest travel planned in the next two months that totals $450, you will earn enough points to cover a $70 flight, that is not a bad deal at all! In more simple terms, if you took six Southwest flights for $70 a piece in the next two months, you would get the seventh flight free, more-or-less.


Moral of the story, make sure you go to every travel provider and create a loyalty account. I have seen offers more lucrative than this one, again, just for being an email subscriber!



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