Last Opportunity to Book $400 Roundtrip to Norway (from Oakland)

Norwegian Air flies seasonally from Oakland to Stockholm, Norway. The last opportunity to fly this year for $414 is in November, which means you should book swiftly. That price includes all taxes and fees (from point A to B)

Norwegian Air is a budget airliner but that doesn’t mean you are going to have a bad time, just be sure to check your baggage fees and consolidate if possible. If you are prepared before, traveling on a budget airline should give you no surprises.

N.A. operates out of Oakland with the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, very quiet and smooth! Being that the 787 is a wide body jet with two isles, there is a good chance you will score either a window or isle seat.

Don’t forget you need your passport book For international air travel, however it is not needed at the time of booking the flight, just at the time of departure. You can get your passport book for $110 and that is good for 10 years.

Norwegian Air is praised for their bright and cheery cabins. Your 10 hour flight will be greeted with an array of neon colors and smiling attendants.  Your seat should also be equipped with either a 110v outlet or a USB charging port. That should keep you well entertained and your devices fully charged when you hit the ground running.


Another thing to take into account is how easily you can travel amongst European countries, that is if Stockholm is not your desired destination. You can use Stockholm, a large airport, as your springboard to other countries. A typical flight between European countries will be about $150 round trip. So you could see two cities, Stockholm and let’s say Paris, for under $600 total. Not a bad deal!
Use to find availability. It is very limited so move quickly.

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