Use Rocket Miles Bonus to Earn up to 13,000 Southwest Points by Staying Only One Night

Rocket Miles is a hotel booking partner with Southwest Airlines. They are currently offering an additional 3,000 points as a bonus in addition to the standard points you will earn per night booked.

A very low-end hotel will earn you 1,000 Southwest miles by booking through Rocket Miles, on the flip side a very high-end hotel will earn you as much as 10,000 Southwest points per night. When you throw in the 3,000 point bonus, you can earn a hefty 13,000 points, worth about $190 in flights. $190 for booking a hotel that you were already going to stay in is a nice bonus. 13,000 points is easily enough to cover a one way flight to almost anywhere in the country via Southwest.

At a minimum, as you may have noticed, you will earn 4,000 Southwest points (1,000+3,000) for booking even the most basic of hotels. If you have plans to stay somewhere in the coming weeks why not earn a few thousand Southwest points to top off your account.

Use this link to access the landing page with the 3,000 point promo.

Alright, let’s look at a sample booking and what you could earn for just staying one night at a hotel.

Hyatt Orange County
Hyatt Orange County


If you stayed at the Hyatt Orange County, near the ocean and near Disneyland, you would earn 5,000 points for just one night. This room is $178 a night, the 5,000 points are worth about $80 towards Southwest flights, that means you are only paying roughly $98 for the room (before tax). Not bad for a four star Hyatt in LA!





If you really wanted to splurge and stay at one of the most luxurious hotels in New York City, you would earn 13,000 points for one night! Just be prepared to pay the big bucks 🙂



Huge private patio at the Four Seasons NYC
Huge private patio at the Four Seasons NYC overlooking Central Park


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