7 Nights in Hawaii for Under $375 – Airbnb

What comes to mind when you hear bed-and-breakfast? If you are anything like me you probably think; colonial house, sweet lady cooking downstairs, and a rooster crowing in the morning.

Well there is a company called Airbnb that is putting a very modern spin on an old model. Airbnb is the Uber of bed and breakfast.

Airbnb allows people like you and me to list or rent rooms, couches, bungalows, pool houses, etc! What does this mean for you who may be wanting to travel to Hawaii without having to sell one of your kidneys? Airbnb, generally speaking, is much more affordable than a conventional hotel stay. The relative discount to a hotel room depends on the individual person listing their room/house, but you will typically pay 50-75% less than a hotel room.


Now the big question, other than price of course, is Airbnb safe?
First of all, like most modern p2p offerings, everything is review driven. You can read confirmed detailed accounts from brave souls who have ventured before you. Secondly, you can chat with the host (and see their photo) before you make arrangements, that way you can ‘get to know them’. That should make you feel a little bit better, right? One other thing to note, there’s been 15 million guests who’ve stayed at Airbnb’s across 190 countries, this is no start up company.



Okay, now that we know you will survive, let’s see what kind of Airbnb $375 will get you in Hawaii. Before I get going, $375 will maybe get you two nights at a conventional hotel, if you are lucky. Okay back on track..

This Airbnb private bungalow on Oahu, ’14 steps from the ocean’, will run you $364, total for a full week! If you want to save another $20 off your first Airbnb, you can follow my link here. So, $344 for your lodging, plus the host is including breakfast every morning as well as free WiFi. (many hotels charge for WiFi now) Now, this isn’t going to be the Ritz, but we want to make sure that we are not broke when we fly home, right?



Airbnb, hawaii, honolulu, oahu, miles, points, deal, savings
Private ‘Master Bungalow’



Your view, just steps away from the bungalow

hawaii, oahu, honolulu, points, miles, deals
Looking towards Honolulu/Pearl Harbor




Let’s break down the total cost:

hawaii, honolulu, airbnb, hotel, deal, private



This is just one example of an Airbnb. Like I mentioned earlier, you can stay on a couch all the way up to a private home. (and everywhere in between). I know many people feel like they cannot visit their dream destination because hotels charge outrageous prices (not including parking, resort fees, wifi, etc).

I hope this will encourage you to explore more exotic destinations that may not be as out-of-reach as you once thought.

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