Using Cashback Monitor to Earn Points for Shopping Online

Earning points is easy to do by signing up for a credit card, but sometimes getting a credit card isn’t practical or doable. You can still earn a good amount of points by simply shopping through online shopping portals. allows you to find the retailers that offer the most points per dollar spent.


Back up for a moment.. Airlines and hotels will give you points for shopping online with their retail partners. Online retailers, like Kohl’ for example, pay the referrer (Southwest Airlines, Marriott, etc) money for referring you. Southwest Air or Marriott will take the money from Kohl’ and in turn give you points. It is a big circle but just know that you can earn points for something you would already do anyways.

Remember, DO NOT spend money on things you would not normally need to purchase. Don’t use the ability to earn points as an excuse to spend money frivolously. Just think of it as a bonus!

Okay, disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk earning..


Southwest Airlines will pay you 10 points (normally 2pt/$) per dollar spent on You must click on the link from the shopping portal in order to earn any points. In-store shopping does not count and just going directly to does not count.

Are you planning on buying your boo a nice mixer for Christmas? This $349.99 KitchenAid mixer will earn you 3,490 Southwest points.



Earn $70 worth of Southwest points for buying this mixer
Earn $80-ish worth of Southwest points for buying this mixer



Each 1,000 Southwest points earned (ie $100 spent at are worth about $15-25. You heard that right, you could spend $100 at and receive $25 worth of Southwest flights. No brainer!

Look at this, you could fly Phoenix to Houston for 1,490 points, which means you would have to spend $149 at Let’s say you bought three pairs of shoes, about $150, you would receive up to $37 worth of flights for buying some shoes. Not bad..



1,490 points required for a $37 flight
1,490 points required for a $37 flight

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