Additional Income + 20,000 Virgin America Points – AirBNB

(No Credit Card Involved With This Bonus)

If you have followed Miles To The Max for any amount of time you have probably read or seen the name “AirBNB”.


If not, AirBNB is rental hosting portal for rooms, couches and houses. It is the Uber of vacation rentals/hotel stays.


Did you know that you can rent out a room in your house via AirBNB for a little as one night? There are millions of people using AirBNB to stay somewhere affordable due to the insanely high cost of hotels. AirBNB has over 500,000 stays per night! WOW


You could rent out a room in your house for $40 a night, let’s say, and if you rent it out 5 nights a month that is $200! Of course AirBNB will take a small cut but many people, world-wide, supplement their income by filling a spare bedroom for just a couple of nights a each month.


Well I won’t bore you anymore with the details, let’s talk about the BONUS. If you are a new “host” (you need to sign up here, read the fine print) and complete 5 “hosted nights”, you will earn 20,000 Virgin America points. Virgin America flies out of these airports.


What can I do with 20,000 VA points?
Well for starters, Virgin points are worth quite a bit more compared to other airline miles. They are worth 2.15 dollars per point which equates to $430 in flights!


Example booking:

One-way from San Francisco to Maui (OGG) requires as few as 8,700 miles. That means you would be able to book a round-trip for under 20,000 points.


San Fran to Maui With Points
San Fran to Maui With Points


Okay let’s recap:


You book-out your room (or house, or couch) for five nights at $40 a night. You make $200 from AirBNB, and you pocket roughly about $185 of that.


You would then have $185 + 20,000 Virgin America points. (Again, this would be the minimum as you need 5 nights to qualify) Easy enough, right?


Think about this for a moment, you could rent out a room in your house for 20 nights over the next 6 months and put away a cool $750 for your Hawaii vacation. Your flight would be taken care of already from the points so that would be spending money! As with anything, always read the fine print. Let me know if you have questions??

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