Save over 50% on Using Targeted Amex Offer

Do you have some last minute Christmas shopping to do? Do you have an American Express (Amex) credit card?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, keep reading.

American Express provides offers which generally look like this:
Spend $30 at Olive Garden and receive a $10 statement credit. Not a bad deal, right?

If you log in to your American Express account, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at your Amex offer. If you click “load more” you will hopefully see an offer for, spend $50, get $20 back as a statement credit.

If you see that offer click, “load to card”. That offer will now be added to your Amex card and you are ready to shop! offer amex
Add Amex Offer for


First off, is similar to You can buy a WIDE range of items from groceries, to automotive, to cosmetics. 

This is where it gets good, there is an offer for 20% off your total, this is in addition to the $20 Amex will give you.


Click "added to card" to See Your Added Offers
Click “added to card” to See Your Added Offers


To maximize the offer, you will need to add $63 of goods to your cart. Once you have that total of items in your card you will add this promo code: Android20 or 20now
That promo code should lower your cart total to around $51. You will also receive free shipping since the total cart is over $35.


Let’s break it down:
$63 of products
20% off with promo code
$51 in cart (tax is not charged in most states)
Amex will then take $20 off the $51 charged to your Amex credit card (the one you added the offer to)
Grand total you will be charged: $31


$63 in goods for only $31. No tax (in most) and no shipping charges. The best part is that is priced very competitively, similar to


Questions, reach out at

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