Apply for The Amex PRG Card – Soon – Over $500 in Travel

I Usually don’t want to rush anyone into a financial decision, but this one is good!


The American Express Premier Rewards Gold card offers 25,000 Membership Rewards Points. Some people are able to get a 50,000 point offer to show up by going “incognito” in their browser, but I can’t replicate. The public offer is for 25k points at the moment.


The deal:
–25,000 Membership Reward Points
–$100 in Airline Reimbursement per calendar year
–Spend $2,000 within 90 days (Use to pay your rent with your credit card)
–$0 Annual Fee for the first year


Okay, let’s talk about the timing and why it is urgent. [after you apply you can call to have them 2-day the card]
This card will reimburse you up to $100 per calendar year for airlines ‘charges’, aka incidentals. An incidental charge cannot technically be a ticket but rather a fee charged by an airline; baggage fee, seat upgrade, in-flight movie, etc. The part that makes this special is that you can, based on anecdotal evidence on Flyer Talk, buy a gift card for $100 and then use that to purchase airfare. I can confirm that this did work for me with a $100 Southwest gift card.


This $100 credit is allotted to you every calendar year. That means you need to spend $100 before January first, otherwise the credit it forfeited. You will be allowed to receive an additional $100 on January first even if you just spent $100 on December 30th. That means, if maximized, you could get $200 in gift cards (IE airfare), before the second year annual fee is due. Just cancel your card on the 11th month to avoid the fee. The ‘incidental’ gift card purchase needs to post (not be a pending charge) on or before December 31st in order to qualify for this year, 2015. Before you make your gift card purchase, you will need to login and choose your airline via this link.


Now, let’s talk about the meat and potatoes, the 25,000 Membership Reward points. These points are similar to Chase’s Ultimate Rewards. They can be used to book travel from within the Amex travel portal. In addition to using them to book through Amex, you can also transfer the points to a number of travel partners. Here are a few that might peak your interest; Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hilton Hotels.



amex travel partners
Travel Partners


So, let’s say you transfer your points to Delta, that would be enough for a round-trip to the lower 48 as well as Canada. You could fly to Key West, Montreal, or New York City, for example, with an instant points-transfer to Delta.



Los Angeles to Key West, FL
Los Angeles to Key West, FL


Same Flight Cash Price
Same Flight Cash Price


As you can see, the same flight would cost you $497 round-trip rather than using your points. If you are able to get $500 worth of airfare from your points + another $200 in gift cards, that means you could quite easily eek out $700 worth of ‘goods’ from this card. So what’s stopping you? Visit our FaceBook page if you have questions!

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