Get Instant Cash for Your Christmas Gift Cards – CardPool

Everyone loves to receive gift cards for Christmas, well almost everyone. Some people love cold-hard cash. Fortunately for the cash lovers, there is a website called CardPool that makes this process super easy. This site will help you off your gift cards for up to 92% cash back.


Is it worth it?
Well, this depends on how much of a hit you are willing to take. Some store gift cards only pay about 60% cash back which is not worth it, in my opinion. If you really had no use for a gift card, it may be better to bless someone else rather than sell it at a 40% loss to CardPool.


Let’s take a quick peek at some common gift card scenarios:

Target, like other major retailers on CardPool, will allow you to simply input your gift card numbers online, you do not have to mail it in to receive your cash back. If you have a $25 Target gift card, CardPool will pay you $21.38. That is about 85% of the value of the card. Not a terrible deal if you would prefer the cash back.


Target Gift Cards
85% Cash Back for Target Gift Cards


Now, some retailers are treated a little different on CardPool. The larger retailers are integrated so CardPool will allow you to simply input the card numbers to initiate the sale. Smaller retailers will require you to mail the gift card into Card Pool before they will cut you a check. Just something to keep in mind.

Have a Best Buy Gift Card?
Card Pool will pay you 85% of face value for your $25 Best Buy gift card. ($21.25)


best buy gift card
85% of Face Value for Best Buy Gift Card

Here is another fun aspect of CardPool, you can buy gift cards at a reduced rate. Yep, you can take $49 in cash and get an Aeropostale gift card worth $61. If you were planning on buying clothes there anyway, why not get a jump start on your savings.



You Can Purchase Gift Cards Also

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