Use PayPal Promo Code for $50 Off AirBNB Booking – 4 Nights in Hawaii for $152

I will keep this one short and sweet. AirBNB is, like I have said before, the Uber of hotels. AirBNB allows anyone in the world to list their properties for rent. Over 500,000 people are staying in AirBNB properties EVERY night.

AirBNB is an awesome alternative to hotels for a number of reasons. First of all, AirBNB is much more affordable since you can rent a room or even a couch! Of course you can also stay in style and rent out an entire house or cabin!

Paypal is offering a $50 discount if you use them to book and pay for an AirBNB stay for $200 or more. If you book a four night stay for $50 a night, you would effectively be getting the fourth night free.

Now check this place out in Hawaii! You can stay four nights in this Hawaiian Tree House for $152 (after promo code).


Hawaiian Tree House on Air BNB


The thing with Hawaii is that hotels are extremely expensive! A low-end hotel is typically going to run you $125 a night after taxes. What if you could stay in your own private place with WiFi, Refrigerator, and Washer/Dryer for hundreds less?


$202 for Four Nights – Before the $50 Promo


To receive your $50 off of a $200 booking, just checkout with your PayPal account and use this promo code: MEETHALFWAY.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can create one for free.


Tranquil View From Your Tree House in Hawaii


So when are you going to give Air BNB a try? Still thinking you can’t afford a Hawaiian vacation because hotels are so expensive? Sometimes you have to think out of the box, and stay in a Tree House! Traveling for free doesn’t always mean you are going to stay in the most fanciest hotels out there, but it can mean the difference between taking a vacation in Los Angeles and taking a vacation in Hawaii. I know which destination I would pick!


Humble Little Tree House

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