SilverCar In-Depth Review – Fort Lauderdale

Half the fun of travel is enjoying the comical and quirky experiences. For me, many of those experiences come from the random, sometimes awful, vehicles that rental car agencies provide me. However, there are times when you just want a reliable and hassle-free rental car experience. Well, what if you could guarantee that your rental car is going to be a silver Audi and that you are going to get VIP treatment?

I rented SilverCar in Fort Lauderdale, FL, my second time renting from them. The main reason I rented from SilverCar was the $75 off promo as well as a $25 credit for referring a friend. All in, it ran me $52 for an Audi A4 for two weekend days. Not bad right? Considering an economy car would have been about $60 for the weekend it only made sense to rent a luxury vehicle and receive VIP treatment for less money.

When our plane’s wheels touched down in Fort Lauderdale and I turned off airplane mode on my phone, I received a text from a rep at SilverCar letting me know he was awaiting my arrival. SilverCar picks up all their customers privately in, you guessed it, a Silver Audi. It is so nice to not have to wait for 20 minutes to get on a bouncy and crowed shuttle bus.


Friendly and Prompt Service Via Text


Once at the curb, I let the driver know that I was ready for pick-up. Within four minutes our silver Audi pulled up. Our bags were loaded into the car and we were off to the rental office. This is where it gets good!


Private Terminal Pick-up silver Car
Private Terminal Pick-up


Once you get to the rental office, you just need to pick out your vehicle. Choose between a silver Audi A4 or an Audi A4 in silver. Tough choices.. After you have picked out your silver Audi A4, you just need to whip out your smart phone and fire up the SilverCar app on your phone. From the app you will unlock the vehicle and find the key fob waiting inside. No waiting in line at the counter, no up-selling from the guy/gal behind the counter, just go.


SilverCar QR Code
Just Snap a Picture of the QR Code and You’re Off


Things just get better from here! Your Audi A4 comes equipped with GPS navigation, Built-in 4G, Sirius satellite radio, and a host of other creature comforts. For areas that have toll roads, your A4 will have a built-in toll pass, just drive through the tolls and you will be charged the standard rate with no surcharges. Many other rental car companies charge you extra to get the EZ-pass installed in your rental.

Hate to gas up your rental car? SilverCar will charge you the actual pump rate plus a $5 fee to fill up your car. You don’t have to worry about bringing it back empty or getting charged out the nose for not topping off. If you use half the tank in your SilverCar, you will be charged the exact pump price to fill it up + $5. Not a bad deal.


Feature Rich and Plush Interior
Feature Rich and Plush Interior


I have been very impressed with the consistency and level of service received from this Austin based, up-and-coming, car rental agency. If you want to give SilverCar a try and save $25 on your first rental (by using my referral code CKURTZ2), you can do so at these airports:

-Austin airport – AUS
-Dallas Fort Worth – DFW
-Dallas Love Field – DAL
-Phoenix Sky Harbor – PHX
-Denver International – DEN
-Chicago O’hare – ORD
-Fort Lauderdale – FLL
-Los Angeles – LAX
-Downtown Manhattan
-Miami Airport – MIA
-San Francisco – SFO
– Las Vegas – LAS

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