Flight Sale – West Coast to Key West, FL – $340 Roundtrip on American Airlines

A great West Coast American Airlines sale to Key West, FL , the southernmost point of the United States. Even better, a sale during spring break! There are many great hotels and resorts in the Keys, but if you are looking to save a little cash, give Airbnb.com a try. AirBNB allows you to rent rooms, houses, or couches from a huge community of AirBNB-ers. Using my referral link you will save $20 off your first booking of $75 or more. If you have hotel points to burn, check out awardmapper.com to see what hotel options you have and how many points are required. (remember that Hilton and Marriott may require more points during peak season, like spring break). Don’t forget, you can Uber in the Keys for much cheap than a taxi, plus $15 free for new Uber users.


The Southernmost Point of the US, 90 Miles from Cuba


Here are some of the West Coast cities that are on sale to Key West, $340-$350 round-trip this Spring. Not all dates are available, but there are plenty of options if you can be flexible with your dates.

• Seattle
• Portland
• Sacramento
• Reno
• All Bay Area Airports
• Los Angeles
• Phoenix
• San Diego
• Denver
• Las Vegas

Use google flights to find the best availability for your vacation dates. Input your home airport and then input Key West, FL or airport code: ‘EYW’


Use Airport Code EYW For Key West
Use Airport Code ‘EYW’ For Key West



Flights from the West Coast to Key West are typically going to run you $400-$550 depending on the airline and dates. On American Airlines you are going to connect in Charlotte, Miami, or Washington D.C. There are NO NON-STOPS to Key West from the West Coast, you will have to layover. If you don’t want a layover, you can catch a non-stop from Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, or Los Angeles directly into Miami. You will have to drive from Miami to Key West, which is about 3-4 hours one-way depending on traffic.


That's a long drive
Beautiful but Lengthy Drive from Miami


Remember, you are allowed a 24 hour hold for free on flight booked with American Airlines. When there are great deals like this, just book it and see if you can make it work. Don’t wait for it to jump $100 in a day or two.


On American Airlines you are going to take a smaller regional jet to Key West, so keep that in mind. They are typically going to be Embraer 175’s, they seat 75 passengers and are configured in a 2-2 cabin.


The Gorgeous Embraer ERJ-175
The Gorgeous Embraer ERJ-175

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