Save Additional Money When Booking International Flights – Exchange Currency

Flying international is not cheap, you need a $140 passport before you can even step foot on the plane. Anytime there are easy ways to save a bit of cash, you can bet I will jump on it.

Fortunately for us travelers, there are new “budget” airlines popping up all the time. These airlines, like Norwegian Air and WOW Air, can fly you to Europe for less than $200 one-way. This is certainly within reach, right?


The Majestic Boeing 787
The Majestic Boeing 787


A way that you can save even more money, in some cases, is to book your flight using a different currency. You don’t have to actually exchange your cash, you just need to switch the currency type on the airline’s website. Sometimes the language you choose will automatically set the corresponding currency for you.

Norwegian Air is launching a new route from Los Angeles to Paris. There are, at the time of writing, a number of one-way’s starting at $175. Yes, $175 for a non-stop to Paris one-way. You can’t even buy a two day Disneyland pass for $175. By paying in NOK, the Norwegian Krone, you can book this flight for $162, saving you $13. If you and a companion are flying round-trip, that would save you a total of $52 off of an already steal-of-a-deal. That is an 8% savings. If your total spend for two round-trips totaled $900, you would save $72.


Watch my tutorial below:


The key to getting this trick to work is by using a credit card that has no foreign transaction fee. Some popular travel cards that waive forex fees are; Chase Sapphire, Southwest Premier, and Amex Premier Rewards Gold card. You can call your credit card company and ask if the fee is waived for your card. If you pay for the flight in another currency using just any ‘ole credit card, you will likely be charged 3% of the transaction as a foreign exchange fee.


You can use Google’s Exchange Tool to easy find the currency exchange rate at any given time. Remember, these exchange rates change all the time, so make sure to check before you make the purchase. Don’t forget your passport book when planning, it is REQUIRED before boarding your international flight.



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