How You can get Free International Cell Phone Data for Your Next Journey – FreedomPop

If you are anything like me, the thought of having no data while traveling abroad scares you to the core. You know what also scares me, 50 cents a megabyte charge for international roaming!


FreedomPop is rolling out a free GSM data plan that can be used in countries all over Europe. The free ‘basic’ plan gives you 200 mb per month and a free 1gb trial for the first month. Now, obviously that 200mb’s isn’t going to allow for much Facebook-ing, but if you are just using it for an occasional WhatsApp text message, you should be able to stretch it out. Google Hangouts is another popular way to make calls over the web using just data (you won’t get a phone number assigned to you by FreedomPop). It uses about 1mb per minute when on a hangout call, so 200 free minutes.


So what is the catch? Well, there is no catch, you actually get 200mb of free data every month. You just need to buy the SIM card for $5, which is now on special promo *using this link*. If you are still skeptical you can read an in-depth review, here. One thing to note, FreedomPop will automatically top off your account if you don’t disable that function. Read the skinny about how to avoid fees on this Slick Deals thread.


Where can I use the data?
You can use the data in the US and over 25 other countries, mainly in Europe. More countries soon to come!


Countries where you can use your free 200mb of data
Countries where you can use your free 200mb of data


What happens if I go over the 200mb of data?
You can purchase, for a small cost, a larger data plan from the start. For $13.95 you will get 1gb of data to burn in a month. If you do go over your 200mb’s you will be charged 2.5 cents per megabyte. That equates to $25 a gigabyte, which is not all that bad! You can also earn 500mb of free data by referring friends and completing surveys! You can see a complied list of email addresses that you can input to easily earn free data.


Each email that confirms your invite earns you 50mb's of free data
Each email that confirms your invite earns you 50mb’s of free data



What phones can I use? 
This FreedomPop GSM data plan is compatible with most unlocked GSM smart phones. If your phone was previously locked to At&t or Tmobile it is likely GSM compatible. The $5 kit includes all three SIM cards from nano to full-sized.


Three different sim card options
Three different SIM card options



Can I downgrade the plan after the free 1gb trial?
Yes, you can downgrade to the free 200mb at anytime before the 30 day trial is up. Be sure to also cancel the $9.95 Premier Service. I am giving this a try so I will let you know how the service is in about a month. Just be aware that this SIM kit takes 2-3 weeks to ship so don’t wait too long. (plus the offer could expire). Some folks have report erroneous charges being placed on their credit card so I recommend adding a prepaid card as your funding source. If you want to be extra safe just go to Walgreen’s and buy a Vanilla Gift Card. If you leave just $1 on the card you will be able to add it as your funding source for FreedomPop protecting you from overages or erroneous fees.

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