From San Francisco – Visit Toronto and Iceland for $273 + 12.5k United Points

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If you have been following Miles To The Max you know my favorite way to score a deal is by mixing and matching points and cash. I am also a flying geek so I love getting to travel on different airlines, planes, and getting to experience new airports.


I will get right to it, if you live in Northern California and you have some free time in June, you can visit Toronto and Iceland for $273 cash + you will need to use 12.5k United miles. If you don’t have United miles you can transfer points to United from Chase Ultimate Rewards at a 1:1 ratio. Of course this is the only non-stop option, if you have American or Delta points you can use those points from the Bay Area to Toronto, just expect a layover. Don’t forget, your family and friends can book this flight using their points and add you as the passenger!


On you can book Air Canada flights for 12.5k points in saver economy
On you can book Air Canada flights for 12.5k points in saver economy


So here is the deal.
You would fly from San Francisco to Toronto on Air Canada  (or any other airline, but Air Canada has the only non-stop from SFO). Air Canada is part of the Star Alliance which means you can book the flight using your United miles on You will only need to use 12,500 miles and pay the $5 security fee. Just look for dates that have “saver economy” in green.


Toronto skyline
Toronto skyline


After spending a few days in Canada, you would fly from Toronto to Reykjavik, Iceland on Wow Airlines. I just flew on Wow Air a few weeks ago and was very impressed by the overall experience. There are flights in June from Toronto (YYZ) to  Reykjavik (REK) for only $99 one-way. That $99 includes all of your taxes you so would then be responsible for fees such as baggage, seats, etc. Baggage fees are a little steep on Wow Air so make sure to read my review that way you can prepare and avoid if possible.


Gorgeous scenery in Iceland
Gorgeous scenery in Iceland


Getting home from Reykjavik, Iceland would also be on Wow Airlines and only $168 non-stop! Isn’t that crazy? A 9-10 hour flight from Europe to the West Coast for under $200. Again, that will include all your duties, fees, taxes, you would then be responsible for baggage, snacks, seats, etc. On our Wow Air flights a few weeks ago, Alyssa and I did not pay to reserve seats and we were still assigned seats that were side-by-side (We even ended up with an empty middle seat). There are a number of flights in June from REK to SFO for $168 one-way.


I loved my Wow Airlines flights
I loved my Wow Airlines flights


Here is the cool part, for under $300 plus some of your points you are able to visit two countries (BTW, Iceland is technically a part of Europe). Just keep in mind that baggage fees on Wow Air can add up so I recommend couples share a checked bag (up to 44lbs) to save cost. In addition to your shared checked bag each passenger would also be allowed an 11lb carry-on like a backpack or purse at no cost. When I flew Wow Air my backpack weighed 25lbs and they did not weigh it when I was boarding. (your mileage my vary depending on the airport staff). There is no WiFi on Wow Air but there is a standard 110v outlet at each row so you can keep your electronics fully charged.


$99 from Toronto to Reykjavik, Iceland
$99 from Toronto to Reykjavik, Iceland



12,500 points plus $5 security fee from San Francisco to Toronto
$99 from Toronto to Reykjavik
$168 from Reykjavik to San Francisco
12.5k points + $273 cash (plus baggage fees for checked bags)



Keep in mind a typical award round-trip to Europe would run you about 60k points plus $60-$100 in fees ($200 if you return from England). With this deal you are able to visit two cities/countries and you can make your “stop over” in Toronto as short or long as you’d like.


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