Southwest Airlines Allowing You to Use Points for TSA Precheck – is it Worth it?

Featured image courtesy of Grant Wickes



I love my Southwest points and I love my TSA Precheck, but I am not sure I love them as a combination. Southwest is allowing you to burn 9,000 points for a TSA Precheck application, which normally costs $85. If you have a ton of Southwest points that are collecting dust, this may be a smart use for you.

Southwest points are generally worth 1.5 cents a piece when booking “wanna get away” fares. That means that your 9,000 points, if used for flights, would net you around $135 in airfare (sometimes more). That means you would be taking a $50 hit by applying your 9,000 points towards the TSA Precheck application versus using them for airfare. Still seem worth it?


What does TSA Precheck get me?
TSA Pre-check is a dream-come-true for any frequent traveler. You get to keep your shoes, belt, and light jacket on for starters. Oh yea, laptops don’t need to come out of their cases. Shorter security lines might also entice you..


9,000 points for an $85 application
9,000 points for an $85 application



Whether or not you decide to get TSA Pre-check using your Southwest points I will leave you with this: GET TSA PRECHECK. I seriously don’t know a better $85 you could spend. (although I received mine free with the Amex Platinum Card credit, hehe). Pre-check is good for five years and has saved me from missing a handful of flights, I couldn’t see myself ever going back.



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