Reselling Recap – June Shaped Up to be a Decent Month

For the past few months I have posted my results from buying and reselling. June was a decent month but I didn’t have any cash-cows like I did in May and April. In June I cleared $670 in profit and made about 12,000 points from a number of different travel programs. Like I said, I didn’t have any major winners, just a lot of small ‘wins’. I spent around 25 hours total in June from listing to shipping the items, if you were curious what my return on time spent looked like. The 12,000 points are worth on average 1.5 cents per point which means they hold a value of  $180 if you get good redemption out of them. $670 in cash + $180 worth of points in my free time.
You may be wondering what this has to do with travel, you can actually earn a lot of points (and cash) from the resell of purchased goods. Airlines and Hotels offer point bonuses for shopping on websites, also called referral links.



Roughly 75% of the goods I purchase to resell are from websites and the other 25% from brick-and-mortar stores (check out brickseek). That means that a good majority of the time I am able to earn extra points for purchasing the goods using website portal links. Keep in mind that the points earned from portal links are in ADDITION to the points earned from your credit card. If I make a purchase on Best Buy’s site I will earn 1x point through Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal plus another 1x  Chase Ultimate Reward point for using my Chase Ink card, so a total of 2x points per dollar. Every $1,000 spent on Best Buy’s website earns me a total of 2x Ultimate Reward points, which are worth 2 cents a piece, that means I am technically earning 4% “back”. It is easy to spend $1,000 on Best Buy when laptops go on sale earning me $40 in travel for every $1,000 in goods.


I like to use CashBackMonitor to find the highest paying portals


Here is something else to consider when shopping online, many sites have their own reward program in ADDITION to portal bonuses and credit card points. Best Buy rewards you with 2% in Best Buy Bucks anytime you buy online or in-store. That means a $1,000 laptop that you plan on reselling will earning you $20 in Best Buy money (which is essentially a gift card).

Now how about the profits?
Let’s take the $1,000 laptop for example, if you can resell it and make a 4% profit you will be in good shape. That is $40! It should take you no more than an hour to list and ship the item so you’d be looking at effectively $40 an hour PLUS all your points and bonuses.



$1,000 example laptop purchase at Best Buy
1,000 points from shopping portal (1x) worth at least $15
1,000 points from your credit card (1x) worth at least $15
2% in Best Buy Bucks worth $20
A conservative estimate of 4% in resell profit earning $40
All in you would net $90 in points/cash from selling one laptop that would take an hour of your time.



Make sure to follow our FaceBook page where we post smoking online deals that allow for reselling profit and points earning!




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