Round-Up of Flights Starting at $39 One-Way + New Southwest Route to Vegas

What can you buy these days for $39? You can take someone on a date to Chili’s. You can go on a movie date and get a popcorn and drink. Maybe you can buy a single concert ticket. Needless to say, $39 doesn’t go as far as it used to.

Fortunately, you can get a one-way flight for $39 with a bit of flexibility. Southwest and JetBlue, both top-rated airlines, have a handful of $39 flights on both the West Coast and East Coast.


JetBlue flight deals
JetBlue flight deals


As you can see, JetBlue is running a nice sale with flights at $39 one-way. Do keep in mind these prices are not available for all dates, so if you can be flexible you will be able to score a super cheap flight.

If you have JetBlue points or you have American Express Membership Reward Points to transfer, you can book one-way JetBlue flights for as low as 1,800 points. JetBlue typically has a 3,500 minimum on award flights but during their sale you can pick up a flight for 1,800 points!

JetBlue offers unlimited snacks and drinks while on-board PLUS DirecTV and XM radio – for free on every flight


1,800 JetBlue points from San Francisco to Long Beach (L.A.)
1,800 JetBlue points from San Francisco to Long Beach (L.A.) One-way


Not to be outdone, Southwest also has a few $39 one-way flights. These $39 flights can be booked for 1,800 points if you have Southwest points or Chase Ultimate Reward Points to transfer. Southwest allows you to can cancel flights booked with points AT ANY TIME for a full refund, so you have no risk by booking when flights are cheap. (go, now!)


New Southwest route - Long Beach to Las Vegas
New Southwest route – Long Beach to Las Vegas


Southwest is also launching a NEW route between Long Beach Airport and Las Vegas. Long Beach airport lies between LAX and SNA (Orange County) in Southern California. In June Southwest launched its first flight from Long Beach to Oakland, CA. In September they will be adding the Vegas option from LGB airport. You can fly from Long Beach to Vegas for $39 one-way ON FRIDAYS in September. As you can imagine, Vegas is usually very expensive to fly into on Fridays.


Long Beach airport is very small and modern making short flights a breeze. I would highly recommend checking out LGB options on JetBlue or Southwest next time you need to fly into or out of the Los Angeles area.


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