eBay is Running a Promotion for 50% off Final Value Fees

Go check your eBay account, this promotion could save you a ton of money! *This is targeted*. Keep in mind that eBay targets different accounts for different promotions, you can create multiple eBay accounts to improve your odds of being targeted.


eBay is going to cut your final listing fees in half, this applies to items listed between now and August 28th (limit 10). If your item was listed before today, just cancel the listing and create a brand new listing after you activate the offer. The only catch is that the items must sell for over $50 to qualify for half off listing fees. This offer may not seem like much of a savings but for high cost items, this can save you a lot of $.


Your standard final value fee is 10%, however, if you have an eBay store your final values reduce to roughly 4-6% depending on the category. PayPal will still take 2.9% on every transaction. By the way, I highly recommend you sign up for a basic eBay store if you plan on selling a lot of goods and making some real money. A basic eBay store costs only $20 a month but easily pays for itself with the final value fee savings. If you sell $1,000 worth of items you will save at least $40 in eBay fees by signing up for a basic eBay store. Here is the eBay fees calculator. Remember, you can earn some serious points and cash in your free time reselling items on eBay. Last month, I made over $1,000 in profit and earned over 10,000 miles/points in my free time selling on eBay. Talk about earning free vacation money! (and points)


eBay frequently runs promotions for eBay bucks, but you will want to check your email communication settings to ensure you are notified of eBay offers.


Here are the items I will be listing during this promotion (limit is 10 items for the promotion);
–Oculus Rift CV1 – $700
–9 Motorola smartphones ($350 a piece) – $3,150
Total sales – $3850
I will save 3% since my normal fees on these items are 6%, that saves me $115.50 in final value fees.



I should be able to make about $275 in profit off these 10 items plus $115 in final value fee savings = $390! Not to mention I made over 5,000 points on my credit cards by purchasing the products to resell 🙂



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