San Francisco – UberPOOL Rides for as little as $2 and UberX for $7

What is an UberPOOL?

If you aren’t familiar with Uber at this point, they are the ride-sharing (don’t say taxi) service that is sweeping the globe. Everything is cashless and you can only request a ride via the Uber app on your smart phone. UberPOOL is a shared ride and UberX is just you and your buddies. If you haven’t used the service yet, we can both receive $15 in Ubercash if you start by using my referral link. /endplug


The Deal:

That out-of-the-way, starting in September, San Francisco Uberers will be able to buy a “bulk pack” of UberPOOL rides. Depending on the number of rides you purchase, you can get the per-ride cost down to $2 per ride! Click here to visit Uber and purchase your discounted rides.

These pre-purchased rides are not effected by surge pricing and it is a flat rate within the qualifying zone. If you are going to a Giant’s game you won’t have to worry about surge pricing! 


Another huge piece to this promo, UberX rides are a flat $7, which is a great deal because a Taxi is likely going to cost you $3.50 to go just 1/5th of a mile.


Here is the area where this promotion is valid:

Trips eligible within this zone

Further, this is the Google Map showing the qualifying zone in a bit more detail. This promotion is good from September 1st through September 31st but you can purchase your rides starting today.



Purchase a $20 package to lock in flat fares for up to 20 trips or a $30 package to lock in flat fares for up to 40 trips.


From weekday to weekends, you’ll only pay $2 on uberPOOL or $7 on uberX when your trip begins and ends north of Cesar Chavez St. in San Francisco.


You’re all set. Flat fare pricing is valid September 1 through September 30.


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