This one Credit Card will get You a Free Round-Trip to Tokyo – No Joke

Featured image courtesy of Moyan Brenn



I recently outlined Delta’s latest offering on the Gold card, here. I discussed how you can leverage the sign up bonus to receive up to FIVE domestic round-trips. That is a lot of travel for a single credit card. Now, are you are ready to stretch your wings a bit and leave the US mainland? How does Tokyo sound? BTW, thanks to TPG for finding this award sale.


50,000 points.

You can’t make this up, a single credit card sign up bonus (with no annual fee the first year), will give you enough points for a round-trip to Japan. Better yet, the Gold card (*link here*) sign bonus also includes a $50 statement credit that wipes out your customs fees to Japan.

To find availability, go to and search for award flights *using miles* from your home airport to Tokyo [HND] airport. I was able to find a TON of economy availability from the mainland to Tokyo HND airport, even around Thanksgiving. Depending on the number of stops, you will have customs/taxes in the range of $34-$52. The Gold card sign-up bonus will credit you $50 back after you make a purchase on Delta’s website, so you effectively pay NOTHING to fly round-trip to Japan.


Free TV

These flights to Tokyo HND are going to have stops in Minneapolis or Los Angeles, both major Delta hubs. The good news is that Delta has WiFi, free movies/TV at each seat, and power outlets to keep your phone charged on most of your legs. You can check out the in-flight amenities when you select your flight. Don’t be stuck without TV/movies on a 12+ hour flight.


in-flight amenities + only 50k miles round-trip (This same flight is $846 if paying cash)


Flights to and from HND will be operated on Delta’s triple seven, the Boeing 777. This plane is configured in a 3-3-3 setup. If you don’t want to get stuck in a middle seat, be sure to assign your seat at the time of booking. I found plenty of aisle seat availability, even for flights around Thanksgiving. I recommend that you fly forward of the engines to reduce noise and speed up the time it takes to de-plane.  (shorter line at customs)


Paid seats are shown in blue. Free seat assignments are shown in white.



More good news, you don’t need any vaccinations to visit Japan (That may not be a given for everyone). You also do not need a visa as long as you are staying less than 90 days. Tokyo is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, so be sure to check hotel accommodations before booking. (especially near a holiday)



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