Get Priority Boarding and Check-in With American Airlines – Ruby Status FREE for Four Months

Thanks to View From The Wing for this find, FREE airline status for four months. AirBerlin is a German based airline, but more importantly, they are apart of the OneWorld Alliance. What that means for you is FREE OneWorld Ruby status on American Airlines. Hurry though, you must register no later than November 30th!

For those who are new to travel, airlines award you with status to keep you loyal and happy (although many folks with American status aren’t happy). Status with an airline typically gives you; Free checked bag, Priority check-in lane at the check-in counter, Expedited security screen lane, Priority Standby, and Priority boarding. What’s even better, it only takes 72 hours to enroll for this promo so you will have status just in time for Holiday travel with American Airlines.


OneWorld Ruby (You can see the tails of the OneWorld airlines)

Step 1

-Go to THIS PAGE and register for a free AirBerlin TopBonus account. This page will be in German but you can translate by right-clicking in Google Chrome or you can choose English in the top right of the page. Once you click to register, you will be taken to a form page asking for some basic registration information. Upon completion of the registration page, you will hit a landing page letting you know that a verification email was sent. My email took
about 30 minutes to funnel in so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. Also, this promo is getting very popular so their site is moving very slow.

Step 2

-Click the verification link that was sent to your email address. Here is the subject line of my verification email: ‘Nur noch 1 Klick zur topbonus Anmeldung’


Step 3

-Navigate back to THIS landing page and click “Hier Silver Card Testen”, or “Try Silver Card Here” in English.


Green confirmation text letting you know you are registered for four months of Silver Status (OneWorld Ruby)

Step 4

-Look for a green confirmation text bubble letting you know that you have successfully registered for the four free months of AirBerlin Silver status. Remember, Silver Status on AirBerlin gives you reciprocal Ruby status on other OneWorld airlines like American Airlines. You should see the Silver status reflecting in your TopBonus account within 72 hours.

Step 5

-You will NEED to update your existing American Airlines reservation with your AirBerlin TopBonus number to use your OneWorld Ruby status. If you have yet to book an American Airlines flight, make sure to enter your AirBerlin member number while booking.


keep an eye out for this Ruby insignia


If you have American Airline miles, you can use 22,500 of them for a one-way to/from Europe during off-peak. Since AirBerlin is a partner, you need just 22,500 American miles for many flights operated by AirBerlin. Keep in mind you will be able to use your AirBerlin Silver status for priority boarding and free seat assignment. Here is a write-up about getting to Venice, Italy one-way by using only 22,500 American miles to fly AirBerlin.

When approaching the check-in counter of American Airlines, look for the red Ruby insignia so you can skip the long line!


Look for the small Ruby insignia – Courtesy of Gate To Adventures


One thought on “Get Priority Boarding and Check-in With American Airlines – Ruby Status FREE for Four Months

  1. Thanks for this helpful post. I am traveling with my kids. Do they need the top bonus status to board with me if we are on the same reservation? Anybody know if status applies to kids, too?


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