An Easy Way to Meet Your Minimum Spend + Make an Instant $20

I just signed up for three new credit cards in the last 30 days with a total of $7,000 minimum spend required. This deal would have been a huge benefit while I was working on that hitting that spend, oh well. Fortunately for you, if you have a minimum spend (or like free money), you can still take advantage of this deal. HT to Doctor of Credit.

High Five!

You can purchase this $500 Visa debit pre-paid debit card for $480 shipped. That means you make a quick $20, but wait there is more, seriously. This “five back card” earns you 5% back if you spend your Visa debit card at any of their partner retailers. A few standout retailers are Staples and Lowe’s, which both sell gift cards. For example, you can walk into Staples and purchase $500 worth of Southwest Airlines gift cards for your upcoming travel. You will then earn 5% back on your Visa debit card ($25) if you spend all $500 at a partner retailer like Staples. Here is the list of “5%” partners.

If you simply used this “five back card”  to buy Southwest gift cards at Staples, you would net $500 in Southwest travel for $455, a 9% savings. If you simply want to use the Visa debit card for “gas and groceries” that will work just fine, you’ll have made $20 and your minimum spend will have been completed sooner. (which means your points post in your account quicker)

Another piece to keep in mind is stacking cashback portals when purchasing the Five Back Visa Card at Gift Card Mall. You can earn roughly 2% through a cashback portal earning you an extra $10 if you purchase the $500 Visa debit pre-paid card.



A few things to keep in mind:
— American Express is becoming more strict about meeting your minimum spend with “cash equivalents”. It is possible that your purchase from Gift Card Mall could classify as a cash-equivalent.

— Additionally, I never urge spending frivolously to meet a minimum spend. Only purchase this $500 Visa debit card for $480 if you can liquidate it for things you would have purchased otherwise.

If you prefer to meet your minimum spend organically for a small fee, you can pay your mortgage, student loans, rent, car payment, etc with Plastiq. (which will then show as a purchase on your credit card statement)


A few of the partners that earn you an additional 5% back!

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