Fly Round-Trip From The West Coast To Norway AND The South of Spain for Under $300

I’ll jump right in, you can fly round-trip from Los Angeles to Oslo, Norway for $228 round-trip. That is not an error, that is the cash price of a plane ticket, with a seat inside the plane. That is a total of 10,660 miles for $228, wowzers. Better yet, you can then visit Southern Spain for just $66 more!

Norwegian Airlines is a low-cost-carrier which means you’ll pay extra for the add-ons. You do not get a free seat assignment, free food, or free checked baggage.

Here is what you do get for $228 round-trip from LAX to Norway;
• Free entertainment via seat-back screen (good free movie selection)
• No charge for a carry-on bag and a personal item like a purse or briefcase
• Water
• A seat somewhere on the new 787 Dreamliner


Alyssa and I flew Norwegian Airlines about 6 months ago and had a great experience.  We did not pay for advance seat assignments and yet were still given seats side-by-side. If you can bring your own food and snacks, find a way to make your carry-on bags suffice (which we did), and don’t mind a potential random seat assignment, you can fly REALLY cheap to Europe.

The 787 Dreamliner made for a comfortable ride in economy on our Norwegian Air flight. I found the experience similar to a long-haul economy flight with United or American, nothing to write home about and no surprises.


Gorgeous Norway

The Sub-$300 deal

There are a number of dates this winter to fly round-trip from both the West Coast and East Coast for under $250 round-trip to Scandinavia. The great thing with Norwegian Airlines is that they are as competitive with their intra-Europe pricing. From Oslo, Norway, you can fly round-trip to Malaga, Spain for $66! The flights to/from Spain also include free WiFi on-board, how cool is that?

The “catch” to score the $228 round-trip is by booking in a foreign currency, the Norwegian Krone. If you pay in USD the round-trip from LAX to OSL is $254. If you purchase the flight for 1,993 NOK (Norwegian Krone) that converts to $228 USD. I prefer to find my dates and destinations first on Google Flights. Once you know the when and where, you will just visit the Norwegian version of the site, and then continue booking as usual. You can right-click in Google Chrome to translate to English.

Use this site to convert NOK to USD and then be sure to use a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. This site lists a few of the popular travel credit cards that offer no forex fees, you may already have one of them. Worst case your credit card charges a 3% forex fee, you’ll pay $234.80. Paying $234 is still better than paying $254 on the US version of the site.


1,993 NOK which converts to $228 USD


Southern Spain

Being that Oslo is a major hub for Norwegian Air, you can reach almost any medium to large city in Europe. Take Malaga, Spain for example, at just $66 round-trip (on select dates), you might as well keep exploring once you are in Europe. You can visit Norway and Spain for under $300 in airfare from both the West and East Coast, that is a no-brainer. Just make sure you are packing lightly and you understand the optional fees associated with Norwegian Air.


Malaga, Spain


$228 round-trip from Los Angeles to Oslo, Norway when booking on the Norwegian version of the site and paying in NOK currency
$66 round-trip on Norwegian Air from Oslo to Malaga, Spain


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