One of The Highest Southwest Business Credit Card Bonuses Ever – 60,000 Points For a Limited Time

The Southwest Business credit card is offering one of the highest bonuses I can recall. For a limited time you can earn 60,000 Southwest points for applying for the SW Business Premier card by Chase.

Direct Link To Southwest Business Card Offer

This card will be a huge help if you are working towards Companion Pass, which provides 2 for 1 travel on Southwest.

Keep in mind, I do not receive credit card commissions so you can be sure I will always share the BEST deals.


60,000 Point Sign-up Bonus

The details:

• The $99 annual fee is not waived
• The 90 day clock starts upon account opening date
• $99 fee does not count towards minimum spend
• The 60,000 SW points DO count towards Companion Pass
• This offer can only be had if you haven’t received the SW Business card offer in the last 24 months
• The Chase 5/24 rule does apply – If you have opened more than 5 credit cards in the last 24 months
You can still apply for this card if you don’t own a business, use your SSN in place of the EIN. For the business name just use your full name
• No foreign transaction fees


If you already hold the business card or you prefer to apply for the personal card, the personal card links are below. You are allowed to hold ALL THREE of the Chase Southwest credit cards and you CAN receive the sign-up bonus for each card every 24 months. Chase will usually not approve you for two personal cards in one day so you should space out your applications.

Link Personal Premier Card 50,000 Points

Link Personal Plus Card 50,000 Points


Hat Tip to Doctor of Credit


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