Uber Flat Fare Passes for as Little as $1.99 Per Ride – Up to 40 Rides Per Month (Select Cities)

Uber is rolling out their “ride package” deal to even more cities. The premise of this deal is that you are effectively purchasing a fare card. You will pay an upfront activation fee that varies depending on which ride package you purchase. ($10 = 20 rides/$20 = 40 rides).

Before you purchase a ride package, be sure to click on your city below and check out the “coverage map”. Ensure your desired destinations are included in the service area. Keep in mind that most airports are not served as a pickup or drop off location under this promotion. Some riders are getting dropped off a mile away from the airport and then taking a free shuttle, might be worth a try. (For example LGA airport has a free shuttle)

If you purchase a 20 ride pass in Los Angeles, here is what the break down would look like:
$10 upfront fee
$1.99 per uberPOOL X $1.99 = $39.80
$49.80 for 20 uberPOOL rides in Los Angeles (which has a huge coverage map)


Los Angeles coverage map (notice LAX is excluded but LGB and BUR are not)


Uber Deal

The pass is good for 30 days, and your flat fare ride can start the same day you purchase the pass. Uber is only allowing a limited number of riders to purchase these passes, so hurry if you are interested. (you may have to get on the waiting list for your city)

If your uberPOOL ride exceeds $20 in “fare”, you’ll pay the normal fare in excess of $20. The same rule applies for UberX after $25. If your uberX “normal fare” was $35, you’d only pay $3.99-$4.99 for the ride, and then pay the $10 in excess of the $25 cap. That “normal” $35 uberX ride would only end up costing you $14-$15 depending on your city. (and that $20 savings would pay for your activation fee in a single ride)



  1. Select the Flat Fare Ride Package (valid on select cities)
  2. Pick a package that fits your needs
    • 20 Flat-Fare Rides for $10 Activation Fee
    • 40 Flat -Fare Rides for a $20 Activation Fee
  3. Flat fares are instantly available to use after your purchase and apply when you request uberPOOL or uberX


HT: Slickdeals

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