Purchase AirBNB Gift Cards at 8% Off + 5x Points with Chase Ink

Today on eBay, you can purchase $100 AirBNB gift cards at an 8% discount. We see AirBNB gift cards go on sale every month or so, sometimes 5% off, sometimes 10%. With some already smoking deals on AirBNB, this makes for a great value if you plan on using the gift cards.


These AirBNB gift cards are being sold by PayPal Digital Gifts, that means Chase INK Plus card holders will earn 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards. In order to earn the 5x points, you must pay with PayPal and you must select your INK credit card as the form of payment.


Chase INK Business Plus


PayPal insists that you use any funds in your PayPal account first before applying payment to a credit card. So before you purchase the AirBNB gift card (or cards) with Chase INK, bring the balance of your PayPal account to zero. You can transfer PayPal funds to a linked bank account or your can request funds by mail via a physical check.

Once your PayPal account is at zero, then you can purchase the gift cards on eBay using this link.


Let’s say you purchased two AirBNB gift cards, worth $200, for $184 with your Chase INK Plus card (8% off). You’d be earning 5x UR points thanks to PayPal Digital Gifts since they categorize as a utility. That $184 purchase would net you 920 Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Good value

I value Ultimate Rewards points at 1.75 cents each, making those 920 worth about $16 when transferred to travel partners such as Hyatt or Southwest Airlines.

If you purchased two AirBNB gift cards at 8% off you’d save $16, additionally if you have the Chase INK Plus you’d earn another $16 in points towards travel partners.

Also, I’ve had success with the Ibotta portal tracking gift card purchases on eBay at 1% cash back, it never hurts to click the link and try.

Our AirBNB stay in Korea

If you are new to AirBNB (couples can have separate accounts), you can earn $40 off your first stay using my referral link. If your spouse has an AirBNB account, use their link instead of mine so they’ll earn the $20 credit.


Great value AirBNB in Seoul – $125 total for two nights (Alyssa was sleepy)


For $125 all-in, we had our own private flat in Seoul, booked on AirBNB. If you received $40 off your first stay, saved 8% from gift cards, and received 5x points, that is a lot of value for two nights in a major city (Two nights would be just $75 total, plus any points earned). Our apartment had a wrap-around balcony and small kitchen, which isn’t the case in many hotels around $100 per night. Another cool thing was that our AirBNB host provided a free WiFi hotspot saving us $10 per phone per day. That value proposition is strong!


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