HOT! West Coast to Athens Greece Starting at $512 Roundtrip – Summer and Fall Dates

Great sale from the West Coast to Greece on full service carriers. Full service carriers include baggage, meals, and in-flight entertainment. Fares start at $512 all-in.


Select dates in May and June
Great availability starting September to December



Flight availability from; Phoenix, Salt Lake, Seattle, Portland, San Jose


San Jose to Athens – $564 Roundtrip in August (Star Alliance Carriers)


Seattle to Athens – $557 Roundtrip in September (Star Alliance Carriers)


Portland to Athens – $569 Roundtrip around Thanksgiving (Star Alliance Carriers)


Salt Lake to Athens – $569 Roundtrip in December (Star Alliance Carriers)


Phoenix to Athens – $512 Roundtrip in June (Sky Team Carriers)



These flights are heavily discounted for Summer, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Generally you can expect to pay $700+ from the West Coast to Greece on full service carriers. Flight deals are available on Star Alliance and Sky Team carriers.



I recommend searching for pricing and dates on Google Flights first. Once you find your preferred dates, continue to the carrier’s site for booking. Remember, you have 24 hours to cancel any US originated flight so long as you book more than 7 days in advance. I would find a date and lock it in ASAP. Within the next 24 hours, check to see if you can make the other accommodations work.





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