The Highest Sign Up Bonus Ever – 100k Hilton Surpass – Should You Apply?

If you haven’t heard the usual complaints against Hilton’s HHonors program, let me fill you in. HHonor points are worth jack-squat.

That out-of-the-way, here are the bonus offer details so you can decide for yourself:


100,000 Hilton HHonors points after spending $3,000


— 100,000 points
— You must spend $3,000 in 90 days
— $75 annual fee, not waived the first year
— Free weekend night stay on card anniversary
— Complimentary gold status
— You can only receive this bonus once per lifetime*

— 12x points on Hilton hotel charges
— 6x points at grocery stores, gas, and restaurants
— 3x on all other purchases
Link (I don’t use affiliate links)

Is it worth it?

You are going to pay $75 for the annual fee the first year, ultimately earning 100k points after you spend the three grand. Based on a conservative estimate, the 100k points are worth about $300-$500 in hotel stays.

If you find yourself staying at Hilton properties regularly, the HHonors Gold status should come in handy.

The free anniversary night is the real gem here. When your second annual fee rolls around, you’ll receive a free-night certificate. You can redeem this certificate at almost any Hilton property on a weekend night. You should be able to get much more than $75 in value if you can find a high-end Hilton property, making it worth holding onto the card for a few years.

Where can I stay?


20k points per night properties


Those green dots are all Hilton properties that require as few as 20,000 points per night. That means your 100k sign up bonus would get you 5 free nights. But wait, there’s more, your Gold status will give you a “5th night free” benefit.

If you use your points to book a 5 night stay, you’ll be awarded with a free night. That means you could technically stay 6 nights at any of the above hotels using your 100k sign up bonus. Do note that some Hilton properties require a differing amount of points based on season. You can discover Hilton hotels on Award Mapper to find properties based on points required per night.



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