Earn 1,000 Delta Bonus SkyMiles for Each New Partner You Earn With – Big Time Potential

Delta is running a pretty sweet promotion, allowing you to earn 1,000 miles from each travel partner. The better news is that many of these earning potentials do not involve a credit card (for those who are shy of CC’s)

From March 24th through June 30th, you will earn 1,000 Delta SkyMiles for each new partner you earn points with. An easy one is the SkyMiles Dining Program where you can earn a total of 4,000 SkyMiles after dining three times.


Partner-up, Rangers

Here is the “secondary” bonus for new SkyMiles Dining users earning you 3,000 points after spending $30+, a total of three separate times. You must eat at restaurants enrolled in the program, though it is very easy in large city. And thanks to the 1,000 Delta bonus points you’ll earn a total of 4,000 SkyMiles from dining out! You can learn more about the SkyMiles Dining 3,000 mile bonus here.

Before you dine or spend with any Delta partner you must enroll in the main Delta bonus program using this link. You will just need to enter your Delta SkyMiles number and start earning, but don’t skip this step! (If you don’t have a Delta account, join SkyMiles and get your account number here)

The one catch is that you cannot have earned bonus miles through a given partner in the last year. (Between 3/23/16-3/24/17) So if you’ve recently earned points via the SkyMiles shopping portal and you earn more tomorrow, you won’t score the 1,000 points from that partner. Each 1,000 point bonus and “one year window” is independent of one another. (You would only be excluded from earning 1,000 from online shopping, not other partners)

Points can take up to 60 days to post but many folks are reporting much quicker times. (a few days)


Here’s the deal

Here are some of the partners where you can earn 1,000 Delta SkyMiles EACH when you have any new “points earning” activity (no minimum spend)
• Delta Airlines Partners
Dining (But don’t forget to enroll in aforementioned dining program for 3,000 bonus miles)
SkyMiles Shopping

Car Rentals and Shuttles
• Signing up for an American Express Delta Credit Card
• Transferring points from Starwood SPG (according to the DoC)

If you enrolled in the 3,000 points dining bonus, dined three times, and earned the 1,000 Delta bonus points for new activity, you’d score 4,000 points. Then just stay at one AirBNB and click on any shopping link from SkyMiles Shopping (and make any purchase), you’ll have earned a total of 6,000 Delta points.

New AirBNB users can use my link to earn $40 off their first stay to make it even sweeter! (I earn 20 AirBNB bucks, capiche)

Breakdown: (example)

• Eat out three times for a total of $90+, we’ll say $100
• Stay at an AirBNB that normally costs $80, as a new user you’ll pay only $40
• Rent a movie on Fandango Now through the SkyMiles shopping portal $5

Total $145 – for three times dining out, an AirBNB stay and a movie rental. Of course you’d earn 6,000 Delta points during this promo period as well. Continue with me…

Are 6,000 SkyMiles are worth anything?

Yep, you can fly many Delta short-haul flights for about 5,000 SkyMiles one-way. You just need to be flexible on dates and make sure to book at least 21 days in advance.


Phoenix to Victoria, BC, Canada for 5,500 Delta points one-way


For just 5,500 points one-way (mid-week), I can fly from Phoenix to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada + $5.60 in fees. That same flight would cost about $105 cash which means we are getting over 1.5 cents per point. (good for SkyMiles)

Bed and Breakfast?

Check out this AirBNB cottage in Northern California for around $85~ per night (you’d save $40 off your first night)


Fort Bragg, CA – AirBNB cottage on the coast


In case you were wondering, spouses can EACH earn these Delta 1,000 point bonuses (and 3k for dining) and can EACH have an AirBNB account saving $40 off the first stay. (you can also refer one another)
If you and a partner went out to every meal together, stayed two nights at AirBNB’s together (it would need to be two separate bookings), and each watched your Fandango movies together, you’d really score with this promo.

If you and a partner shared these activities, this is what it would look like for each of you (again, from a sharing standpoint):
• 2 AirBNB stays
• 6 meals
• 2 rented movies

• 1 one-way shorthaul Delta ticket EACH (such as LAX to SEA)

Total combined estimate: $290~

Sounds like a lot of fun for two for under $300!


Los Angeles to Seattle one-way



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