JetBlue Award Flights – 20% Discount on Points – Flights From 1,200 Points One-Way

JetBlue is running an award flight discount on from May 2nd to June 7th. You’ll save 20% of your points on flights that depart on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday.

In order to save 20% of the points on award flights, you’ll also need to book by April 8th, so don’t miss the cutoff.

Here’s how it works

JetBlue uses a variable award program which means the points required directly reflect the cash ticket price (think Southwest). Generally, JetBlue points can be redeemed at 1.3-1.6 cents per points. That means a flight that costs $125 will require roughly 8,500 points. (125 divided by 8,500, move the decimal to the right twice, that is your cents per point, 1.47¢)

During this promotion, that same $125 flight would require just 6,700 JetBlue points. That would net you a bit over 1.8¢ a piece, a solid redemption.

Don’t forget, JetBlue offers the most standard legroom of any domestic carrier, free in-flight DirecTV, and unlimited snacks! Booking a “Blue” flight means you permitted to bring one personal item, like a backpack, and one carry-on item. If you need to check a bag, that will run you $25 each way.


Amex Membership Rewards Points

You can transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points to JetBlue at a 1,200:1,000 ratio. That means you are losing 20% in the conversion, so not ideal in most circumstances. However, if you have a flight you want to redeem during this promotion, it may make sense to transfer from Amex MR.


Here are a few flight deals DURING the promotion, some great scores for sure. (like Long Beach to Reno for 1,200 points one-way)


Denver to New York – 4,100 points


Boston to New York – 2,000 points


Long Beach to Reno – 1,200 points


San Diego to Fort Lauderdale – 6,700 points







Offer Details:

Book an award flight between now and April 8, 2017
Fly May 2 – June 7, 2017 (Blackout Dates May 24 – May 30)
Fly Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday (not valid for fights on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday)
When you search for an eligible award flight, the fare that you see will automatically include the discount.

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