Flyers Take to Social Media Vowing to Never Fly United Airlines Again – What are Your Thoughts on a Boycott?

After just five days, United has a real fiasco on their hands. Regardless of where you feel the blame lies, we can all hope that more pro-flyer policies are put in place.

Multiple cell phones captured Chicago Aviation Officers forcefully removing a passenger from United flight 3411. As it turns out, the passenger, Dr. Dao, suffered two broken teeth, a concussion, a broken nose, and will undergo sinus reconstruction surgery. That seems a bit excessive considering this video shows his refusal to disembark involuntarily. He was not combative, just firm.



Many flyers are taking to social media vowing to boycott United for life. They are posting pictures of cut-up credit cards and United Club cards.




Some argue that United is not to blame as they have the right to remove a passenger off their plane for any reason the Captain feels necessary. Others say that United does not have the right to refuse transport of a seated passenger that is not a security threat to the flight. Hundreds if not thousands have already committed to boycott United for life.

If you find yourself less than excited to fly United and need to burn some of your MileagePlus points, check out this awesome redemption to Peru!


How to burn those United miles

You can fly from the Caribbean or Mexico to “Northern” South America for just 10,000 United miles one-way. If you want to fly in business class, the same routing is just 20,000 points one-way. Check out United’s interactive award chart for other routing options.


Copa Airlines (A United Star Alliance Partner) 737 Business Class – Image Courtesy of OneMileAtATime


There are flight options to Cusco, Peru from either Mexico City, Cancun, Belize City, or San Juan at just 10,000 points one-way. (fees range $20-$70) Even better, you can find one-way positioning flights from Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Fort Lauderdale to Mexico City, San Juan, or Belize City for around $75-$100 one-way.


Mexico City to Cusco, Peru for 10,000 United miles one-way in economy (plus $70)



San Juan, Puerto Rico to Cusco, Peru for 20,000 United miles one-way in BUSINESS CLASS for 6.5 hours  (plus $20)


Piece your travel together

I found a few flights from Miami to San Juan for just $78 one-way on American Airlines. That means you are looking at a mere $98 and either 10k points one-way in economy or 20k points in business class from the US to Cusco, Peru.



Miami – Puerto Rico – Cusco


A typical one-way from the US to Cusco is roughly $400-$500. If you add in the fact that you get to stop in Puerto Rico on your way down to Peru, $98 + 10k United miles is a smoking deal! ($78 for AA flight to PR + $20 in fees when redeeming UA miles)


Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico for $78 one-way


That means you are looking at roughly $100-$175 plus 10k United points to get from the States to Cusco, Peru with a free stop in Mexico City, San Juan, or Belize City. Two cities that are sure to make for a great trip!


Want to visit Cusco or Machu Picchu for just 10k points one-way?


Do you plan to boycott United or do you think this whole thing is blown out of proportion?



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