Crazy Lady Kicked off Delta Flight For Causing Disturbance Says: “They ‘Bout to Give Me a Check”

Oh boy, I was wondering how long it would take for some nut to try this stunt. At the 7:14 mark of the video you can hear her say: “They ’bout to give me a check”

Backing up, we know very few details about this Delta Connection flight departing San Antonio. In the video the lady does mention Los Angeles, so it is possible they were on flight 5720 from SAT to LAX. Again, that is yet to be confirmed.

It appears as though the flight had some delay on the ground because you can see the flight crew conversing up-front. The lady did not want to wait and started getting a bit “antsy”.

Foul language warning:


We can be sure that aviation officers are on-their-guard after seeing the firestorm that unfolded after the United event. These officers were not able to get the disruptive lady off the flight without physically removing her. The flight crew decided it would be best to deplane all the passengers.


A few takeaways in this “post United flight 3411” world:

• Some crazy passengers will feel more entitled to receive compensation when any delay comes up. Airlines don’t just hand-out checks.
• Aviation officers will likely avoid physical confrontation, therefore flights will be further delayed when trying to remove passengers.
• Passengers are going to be quicker to start filming flight disturbances, so we will begin seeing more and more in-flight confrontations (even though many are run-of-the-mill)

Hat Tip: VFTW


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