Hurry – Get 10% Off Southwest Airlines Flights when Purchasing Gift Cards + 5x Points via Chase Ink

If you are a Chase Ink 5x cardholder and a Southwest traveler, this is a great opportunity! Link to deal

Digital Gifts

Via PayPal Digital Gifts on eBay, you can purchase $100 Southwest gift cards for just $90. IE: 10% off Southwest travel. You can also click-through the Ibotta cash back portal to earn 1% back (it has tracked for me)

Because Chase Ink classifies the merchant “PayPal Digital Gifts” as a utility, you will earn up to 5x points. This ultimately depends on the version of the Ink card you hold, so those of us with the grand-fathered Ink Business Plus card will earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points!


Your Transfer Options from Chase Ultimate Rewards


Let’s say you purchase three gift cards with your Chase Ink 5x card, your total would be $270. You would earn 1,350 Ultimate Rewards, which can be transferred to Southwest. When redeeming your gift cards for Southwest Airfare, you’ll earn 6x Southwest Rapid Rewards on the base fare, which would be about $260 on a $300 flight.

• 1,350 — Ultimate Rewards earned on gift card purchase with Chase Ink 5x (3x gift cards @ $90)
• 1,560 — Southwest Rapid Rewards earned when you purchase and fly using those $300 gift cards

Save 10% on your flights, $30 in this example, plus net up to 2,910 Southwest points when you transfer your Ultimate Rewards to Southwest. I value Southwest points at 1.5 cents a piece, that is $43 in value. Not bad, right?

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