Did You Know You Can Use Your Southwest Points to Book Flights to Hawaii and Europe?

When you think of redeeming Southwest points, does Europe and Hawaii come to mind? If it doesn’t, you’re in luck. I am going to show you how to redeem your Rapid Rewards on partner airlines.

These partner redemptions only get you 1 cent per point, not anything to shout-about. If you redeem your Rapid Rewards points for Southwest flights you can expect around 1.5 cents per point. So, is a 50% loss in value worth it to travel outside Southwest’s reach? Let’s see.

To Hawaii

You can use the Southwest partner flight search to find options to Hawaii. I compared multiple itineraries on Google Flights and then Southwest, pricing matched on them all. That is good news.


Southwest points to Hawaii with partner airlines


There is a great sale from Sacramento to Maui for as little as $366 round-trip. During this sale, you can book a United Airlines flight using your Southwest Rapid Rewards. You can book with all major airlines, and again, pricing will match what you can find in the “open market”.

$300 partner flight requires 30,000 Southwest points.
$450 flight on Southwest requires ~around~ 30,000 Southwest points.


If Europe is on your radar, it is nice to know you can redeem your Rapid Rewards to hop-the-pond. At the same 1 cent per point, you can find many flights on all the major carriers.

This example on Star Alliance carriers, from San Francisco to Amsterdam, is a great deal!


San Francisco to Amsterdam on Star Alliance – 37k Southwest points


The cash price of this example flight from SFO to AMS is $378, so you’ll need to redeem 37,836 Rapid Rewards.


How to book


Click – Explore Rewards


Step 1: Visit this page and click Explore Rewards


Start here


Step 2: You will land  on the above page, first click the “Sign In” link.

Next, hover on “Travel”, then click “International Flights + Hawaii



Click – ‘Book Travel Now’


Step 3: In the top right, you may be signed in even if it says “log in”. If you did sign-in on the page before, you can click “Book Travel Now


Time to Book!


Step 4: Plug-in your flight details and search. Once your results show, make sure to click the “Complete Trip” tab to see total pricing.


Is it a good deal?

I would not personally redeem my Rapid Rewards in this way. I have Companion Pass which gives two-for-one travel on Southwest flights. Companion Pass, although it would be amazing, does not apply on these partner bookings.

Since you net 50% less value when redeeming on partners, I would not suggest this as a first choice. If you don’t have any desire for Southwest’s destinations, well, redeeming a 1 cpm may be better than having them collect dust.


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