Summer Dates! Phoenix to Miami (or Vice Versa) for just $96 Round-trip on United Airlines

It’s not often you see sub $100 round-trip flights from Phoenix to Miami/South Florida. Add in Summer dates and you have a screaming deal!


In May through August you can find $48 one-way flights on select days. It seems that most dates are midweek, I only found a couple of dates on Saturday’s. Even though not every day of the week is available, this is a no-brainer if you are flexible.

The deal:


Phoenix to Miami – round-trip dates


As you can see above, there are a handful of days at the $96 round-trip price. I like to search with Google Flights, then head over to United to confirm the reservation.



$95.60 round-trip in “regular” economy


Even better, these flights are in “regular” economy instead of United’s newishBasic” economy. With basic economy you are limited to just a backpack or purse, this is how United says they can compete with budget airlines, classic. Regular economy fares let you to bring on a personal item and a carry-on suitcase, so that is good news. (plus you get a seat reservation)

Fare Lock

United will let you lock in your price for $8.99 for up to one week. I highly – highly – recommend this if you find dates that work as these will go FAST! On the flight confirmation page you will see “Hold Fare“.


Lock in your $96 round-trip to Miami!


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