Three NY Flyers Arrested for Fighting with Police After Spirit Airlines Cancelled Their Flights

It’s Tuesday, you know what that means, more flight fiascos.

This time it was in Fort Lauderdale, not on the plane but in the ticketing area. According to Spirit, they had to cancel over 10 flights due to “pervasive illegal work slowdown”. That is code for their pilots are on strike because they are not happy with their contracts.


It appears the rowdy folks in the video were set to fly on Spirit flight 710 from Fort Lauderdale to New York – LaGuardia. The passengers claim that Spirit cancelled the flights at the last-minute with little to no accommodations.


Spirit Flight 710 from FLL to LGA – Cancelled Last Minute


Now don’t get me wrong, I would be frustrated if my flight was cancelled on a Sunday night. I would not be so frustrated that I start smacking my hand on the counter while yelling at the Spirit employees. If there are no pilots to get you from A to B, the plane is not moving, that simple.

Unfortunately, this is one of the risks you take when booking with a low-cost-carrier like Spirit. They don’t have as many backup options as the big-guys. When booking with the big-three or Southwest, you can feel a little better knowing they have more avenues to get you to point B should the pilots no-show.




What we can learn

When pilots don’t show up for their 9PM flight, the ticketing agents don’t have a lot of flexibility to get you home that day. We all know that fighting with police officers is not smart, three of these flyers are learning that lesson a bit later in life.

Remember, airlines are only obligated to get you from point A to point B, doesn’t really matter when. Some airlines will endorse your ticket to be used with another airline allowing you to get home sooner. Sadly, this typically isn’t the case with budget airlines who are known for leaving passengers to fend for themselves during long delays.

According to the DOT: “Contrary to popular belief, for domestic itineraries airlines are not required to compensate passengers whose flights are delayed or canceled”

You read that right, airlines do not have to compensate you unless they lose/delay your bag or involuntarily bump you on an oversold flight. Weather, mechanical, staffing, you name it, they are not required to pay out if the flight is cancelled or delayed. If you are flying on Spirit, Allegiant, or Frontier, do not expect ANY meal, taxi, or hotel vouchers if something goes wrong. If you are flying on the other guys, a nice smile goes a long way when asking for compensation.




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