How To Post Travel Pictures on Social Media Without Making Others Feel Uncomfortable

Life is all about moderation and balance, but you only live once. I mean, what is the point of social media if not to upload your pictures, right?
There is a little-known “term” that your grandmother would not be familiar with, #HumbleBrag. According to Urban Dictionary it means:

“Subtly letting others now about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or “woe is me” gloss.”

So why am I writing this post? I feel it is important to shed light on both sides of the coin. The reality is, you should be able to share your vacation photos without feeling like a show-off. On the flip-side, some folks may feel, shall I say, jealous when seeing your tropical vacation photos.


Tip #1:

If you are traveling using points, don’t be afraid to say so. When you are sharing pictures of your first class seat, feel free to add in what award redemption you used. If you paid cash you can tag a short caption that says, “All that hard work and penny-pinching finally paid off”.


The cliché champagne photo in first/business class (I searched, “first class” on Google)


The point of sharing photos of luxury travels should be to inspire, not to gloat. Add a short caption that says, “I redeemed 45,000 United miles to fly in first class from A to B.” Remember, there is a reason jumbo-jets have 16 first class seats and 250+ economy seats, the majority of us ride in the back of the plane.


Tip #2

There is more to your trip than that fancy lounge or balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. Try to incorporate some photos of local culture or hidden gems.

If you meet some awesome people abroad or find an amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurant, let us know. It goes a long way when people can see that you are experiencing the local culture rather than just sharing a picture of your toes in the white sand.


Don’t forget to post pictures of your “free” experiences at home too


Tip #3

Try to use real words in your hashtags. Saying things like, #aboutdatlife doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t inspire others. If you are constantly refreshing your notifications to see how many new likes you received, you are doing it wrong. Post pictures and videos that motivate and make others want to get out and explore.

Uploading a picture of your first class seat captioned, “They ran out of Krug just after takeoff”, doesn’t do anything for us. Most people are excited just to step foot on a plane once or twice a year, let them know they are not alone. If you fly in economy, feel free to show us, don’t give the perception that you only fly in first.


Tip #4

There are many reasons people can’t travel as often as you can. They could have health issues, their bosses may never approve their vacation requests, or it could be a financial thing.

Try to keep those things in mind next time you are posting picture after picture of your luxury vacation. Moderation and sensitivity are key. It never hurts to add a status that says, “ask me how I traveled in first class for just 45,000 points + $60”. People will greatly appreciate it. Or you could share my blog letting others know where you learned some tricks, *cough*.


We are all different:

You may be thinking, I work-my-butt-off to go on a nice trip and I am going to post as many pictures as I want. That would be a totally valid feeling, you should be able to share whatever you want when you want. The reality is, perception-is-reality for those scrolling through your images. If all your posts are flashy pictures of beaches, champagne, and pina coladas, you could be perceived as a show-off to a select few. Remember to share your highs and lows, if you get stuck in a middle seat, let us know that too!

If you are the person scrolling Facebook more than traveling and you get tired of seeing pic after pic of tropical vacations, try to remember that everyone shares their accomplishments differently. If someone saved up their cash or points to get to Europe, they are going to want to share that, just a fact of life. You don’t know the sacrifices someone made to take that international vacation. Everyone budgets differently.

Parting words:

According to this study, 57% of Millennials say that vacation is the number one thing they look forward to. Next time you see that Millennial posting nonstop about their big trip, remember how much excitement is built-up on that trip. They may refrain from a car payment, cable and fast food just to save for their trip.

To travelers: Share your ENTIRE journey, not just the ritzy experiences. If you used points, let other knows how they can get in on the action.

To those at home: Remember that everyone saves and spends different. If someone saved all year for a big trip, it is only fair that they want to share. If someone posts flashy pictures with stupid hash tags every week, just unfollow and call it a day. (I won’t blame you!)


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