One of The Best Value Travel Credit Cards You’ve Likely Never Heard of – Travelite

The name First National Bank doesn’t exactly scream “free travel”. Thankfully our assumptions are wrong. Introducing the Travelite American Express card. This card only uses American Express for the purchase transaction, your account will be with First National Bank.


Travelite Visa Signature


Application link

The biggest perk of this card is actually nothing at all. That’s right, this card has NO ANNUAL fee, ever. Considering the benefits of the card, no annual fee makes this a great starter card since you can keep it open forever.

Sign up bonus:

Your Travelite sign-up bonus is 25,000 points after spending $2,500 within the first three billing cycles. ($833 per month in roughly 90 days). The 25,000 points can be used as a $250 statement credit, essentially wiping out some of your purchases.

This is effectively 10% cash-back after you receive the sign-up bonus. The $2,500 spend is pretty standard for a sign-up bonus over $200.

You can use Plastiq to pay bills, like mortgage, rent, and car payment, using your credit card. These charges from Plastiq will count towards your minimum spend while charging necessary expenses on your card. First time Plastiq users can receive $500 in fee-free payments after making $500 in payments using this link. The normal fee is 2.5% to pay your bills with a credit card.

Other benefits:

There are two stand-out benefits in addition to the sign-up bonus.

• The first is the $100 TSA Global Entry credit. This allows you to apply for Global Entry, which costs $100, and receive a credit back on your next statement. TSA Global Entry allows expedited customs screening when returning to the US. You will also receive a Known-Traveler-Number which gives you TSA Precheck when you travel within the US. (no shoes or jacket off, laptop stays in bag, and separate-shorter line with no body scanner)

• The second benefit is a yearly “Travel Discretionary Fund” of $100. This benefit is yours after you enroll your card with their Premium Concierge. The $100 yearly credit card be used for baggage, fees, airport lounge access, on-board food and beverage and more. Basically any airline charge other than your ticket. Wifi is $8 when flying on Southwest, you could get 12 free passes a year with this benefit!

• 3x points earned on travel charges. This is effectively 3% back on travel expenses. If you travel for business and can put the charges on your personal card, you’ll earn $30 for every $1,000 spent on travel. Not bad

• No foreign transaction fee. While there are a few other no-annual-fee credit cards that offer this perk, it is typically reserved for travel cards with some sort of annual fee. This is a nice bonus if you travel abroad. (plus you’ll have your free Global Entry to speed up your return screening)


My thoughts?

I like this card, I like it a lot. It’s not often that you find a no annual fee card offering a $200+ sign-up bonus with no real hoops to jump through. With a total of $450 in “credit” in just the first year, I don’t see any reason to pass this up! (plus $100 each additional year)

The other positive thing I see is the backing bank. Odds are good that you don’t have another First National Bank of Omaha credit card, that means your chances for approval are pretty good assuming you haven’t signed up for 5+ cards this year and have a 700+ credit score.



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