Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K Welcome Kit Arrived in Mail – Status Matched from Southwest

In April, I wrote about a great opportunity to status match from Southwest Companion Pass to Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k. Alyssa and I “trade-off” Companion Pass duties so it was her turn to match to MVP Gold 75k.

Why is this such a great opportunity? Allow me to explain…

Most status “matches” offered by airlines are actually status challenges. This means you get to try the status for 90 or so days but you must fly a certain amount of segments or distance in that same time frame otherwise you’ll lose the status. Not the worst thing in the world, but not anything to go nuts about.

In this case, Alaska Airlines is instantly status matching through the end of the year. For Alyssa, this means she will hold Alaska’s highest status for 9.5 months, just by sending an email. No need to fly Alaska at all, just enjoy the perks from them and their partners.

What makes it even sweeter is the fact she matched from Companion Pass which was earned from two credit cards. I know of very few airline status levels that can be earned solely by credit card spend. Most airlines require some minimum of paid flights to qualify for any level of status. We haven’t flown a paid Southwest flight in over THREE years, yet Alyssa holds their highest status level/perk, Companion Pass. (and now Alaska’s highest status level)

Here is what Alaska sent in the mail three weeks later



Is it worth the effort?

Considering it requires taking a picture of your driver’s license and Companion Pass card, then sending a short email, I think it is definitely worth it. If you only cared about the four first class upgrades you’ll receive, I think it would justify the effort. Do note that Alaska told me you can only status match once every 5 years. This number could change at any time, but that is what I was quoted.

We’ve already put Alyssa’s MVP Gold 75k status to use on our upcoming American Airlines flight from Tokyo-HND to LAX. (remember I mentioned partner perks earlier)

We booked ultra cheap cash fares, $325 round-trip to Singapore via Tokyo, so it came time to choose our seats. By adding Alyssa’s Alaska Airlines frequent flyer number to our existing American Airlines reservation, we were able to select FREE bulkhead Main Cabin Extra seats from Tokyo to Los Angeles. These seats are normally $150 per person, thanks to Alyssa’s MVP Gold 75k status, they were free for us both. (saving $300)


American Airlines Main Cabin Extra seats are FREE when you add your MVP Gold 75k Mileage Plan number


More status challenges?

Last year when I matched Companion Pass to Alaska MVP Gold 75k, I then took my Alaska Airlines status card picture and sent it to United and Delta. They both put me on a 90 status “challenge” for United Platinum and Delta Gold. I had no intention to meet the requirements of the challenges in order to keep the statuses after 90 days, but the status test-drives were great!

During those 90 day test-drives, we flew on Delta to Europe and Alyssa and I were instantly upgraded to Delta Comfort + for all legs of the trip. Additionally, we flew United from Miami > Houston > Phoenix, both of us upgraded to first class. Mind you, the United flight was on a $81 p/p cash fare! (turned to first class)

Check out all current match/challenge opportunities on Status Matcher.

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