Limited Time Offer – Chase Marriott Credit Card – Two Free Nights + $200 Statement Credit

Chase is definitely “upping” their game, this latest Marriott card offer is no exception. Being that Chase is making it harder for Churners to sign up for credit cards, new card sign-up numbers are likely down. That means more “bonuses” to go around for you non-churners. (read: Chase 5/24 rule)

Of course that is my speculation, but whatever the reason, this offer is worth a look.

Offer link

Offer Details:

— Receive two free nights after spending $3,000 (category 1-5)
— Earn a $200 statement credit after your first purchase with the card
— Receive a free night on your card anniversary (category 1-5)
— No annual fee the first year, then $85 in the second year
— 7,500 Marriott points after adding an authorized user (If transferred to SPG, 2,500 points)


Do I qualify?

There are two caveats when it comes to earning this credit card bonus. The first kicker applies to folks who’ve had this card in the last 24 months. Chase starts the clock the day you earned the points from your last Marriott “personal” credit card. The Marriott business card is considered separate and will have its own clock.

If you signed up for the Chase Marriott card on March 15th, 2015 and earned/received the bonus on April 15th, 2015, you would be eligible to sign up for the card again on April 16th, 2017. Again, the 24 month clock starts the day you received the bonus points or free nights, not the card open date.

The other “catch” is Chase’s 5/24 rule, this card DOES fall under that rule. If you’ve signed up for 5 or more new credit cards, with ANY bank, in the last 24 months, Chase will not approve you. It is simple to calculate, check your credit report and count the number of new accounts in the last 24 calendar months. If you count five or more on your credit report, it probably isn’t worth applying.

Remember, Citi, American Express, and Bank of America small business credit cards do not report to the credit bureaus, therefore Chase cannot see or count them towards 5/24. If you are trying to stay under 5/24 and still earn miles/points, small business credit cards are your friend. (read: can I sign up for a business card without owning a business? hint: YES)


Eligible category 1-5 hotels

Marriott Category 5 hotels – Award Mapper


Using Award Mapper, I’ve mapped Marriott category 5 hotels, though you can of course redeem your free nights for a lower category hotel. Marriott Category 5 properties will otherwise require 20k-25k points per night, so just use the slider to display only Cat 5 Marriott hotels.

Remember, your best redemptions for the two free nights will likely come OUTSIDE the US. We used a Cat. 5 free night at this Renaissance hotel in Bangkok, a 5 star hotel!


Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel
Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong hotel (category 5)


Free Anniversary night:

The free anniversary night is awarded when your second year annual fee becomes due. I can personally confirm that the free ‘card anniversary’ night certificate will stay in your Marriott account even if you close the card down shortly after it is earned. You have 30 days after the annual fee posts to close the card for a full refund of the annual fee.

If you feel it is ethical, you can technically get a third free Cat. 5 stay (two when you complete the minimum spend), without ever paying an annual fee.

Three free nights, category 1-5, plus $200 as a statement credit. Certainly not bad if you choose to avoid the annual fee and close the card before the 13th month.



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