Earn Up To 5,000 American Airlines Miles By Signing up For Sam’s Club Membership [YMMV]

This is a rather straight forward offer from American Airlines. Earn up to 5,000 AA miles by becoming a member at Sam’s Club. New members only.*

The amount of miles earned will be based on your elite status level with AA as well as your membership level at Sam’s Club. Most people will only qualify for the 1,500 miles if they hold no AA status and they only enroll in the base Sam’s membership.

Offer link

Sam’s Club Savings or Business ($45 cost)

  • 1,500 miles for AAdvantage®
  • 2,000 miles for AAdvantage® Gold & Platinum
  • 2,500 miles for AAdvantage® Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum & Concierge Key

Sam’s Club Plus ($100 cost)

  • 3,000 miles for AAdvantage®
  • 4,000 miles for AAdvantage® Gold & Platinum
  • 5,000 miles for AAdvantage® Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum & Concierge Key

The skinny

You will not qualify if you are an existing Sam’s Club member. What I also find interesting is that they seem to contradict themselves for how long you need to keep the membership active. From the terms and conditions:

” If a member’s Sam’s Club membership is terminated, cancelled or downgraded for any reason within the first six (6) months of the date of the member’s confirmed enrollment as a new Sam’s Club member, the member forfeits the Sign-Up Bonus”

“AAdvantage® miles may be rescinded if membership is canceled within 90 days of activation.”

Hmm, so what is it? Do you have to keep your membership active for 90 days or 180 days? If you are only paying $45 for a year, it would make sense just to keep the membership active. Also, the points will take 6-8 weeks to deposit into your AA account, so this definitely isn’t an instant bonus.


Regular VS Business VS Plus


You can view the comparison sheet here, it should make your membership level choice a bit easier.


I value AA miles at roughly 1.4 cents a piece. My favorite redemption is off-peak to Europe for just 22,500 miles one-way in economy. Off peak dates between; January 10 – March 14, November 1 – December 14. American also has a very generous “Europe” region definition which includes Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. You can fly on American or Air Berlin anywhere in Europe with no fuel surcharges. (30,000 miles during peak periods or 22,500 during off-peak)

1,500 AA miles roughly equate to $21 in value, 5,000 AA miles net you roughly $70 in value. If you have no use for AA miles, you can find a Sam’s Club sign up bonus with a $20 gift card and free pizza, not bad for a $45 annual enrollment.


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