Five Ways You Know You are a Miles and Points Addict

Sometimes you need to take a step back to realize just how crazy you’ve become. It may have started after your first credit card bonus, your first error-fare booking, or the first time you flew business class for free. Whatever caused you to go off the deep-end, here are a few ways to know you’ve made it. Congrats.

1. You talk about miles like they’re a form of currency

In many ways miles are currency, but the public has no clue what cost per mile really means. If you know the dollar value conversion of each airline and hotel currency in the back of your head, you might be a points addict.

Remember, don’t give up on explaining our hobby to friends and family, it takes time to indoctrinate others. The best encouragement you give to a points-rookie is to NEVER spend points just to spend points. Every award redemption needs to make cents sense.


2. You have a mild nervous breakdown when you see a friend swiping a debit card

Don’t forget to take a breath before speaking. Not everyone has the desire or freedom to open travel credit cards. If you see a friend or family member using a debit card for a large purchase, kindly let them know they should always be earning something when swiping.

Whether they start with a simple cashback card or eventually step-up their game to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, let them know they are throwing away free money and miles with debit cards.


Friends don’t let friends use debit cards (unless it is for a bank account bonus requirement)


3. When people speak about foreign cities your mind starts processing the cheapest award options

I am 100% guilty of this and not a bit ashamed. I recently heard someone discussing moving to Rome for schooling, it took everything I had to not ask what carrier and class of service they were flying in.

Of course I don’t want to be the person that gives unsolicited travel advice, but why does it have to be so hard to bite my tongue?


4. Anytime a new credit card bonus is introduced you get butterflies

Maybe it was the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the Bank of America Premium Rewards card, maybe both. Getting overly excited thanks to a new credit card bonus is a right of passage in the miles kingdom.

I tell myself, if everyone knew the ways I could maximize these points or spending bonus categories they would be equally excited. I mean, those 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards are worth close to $2,000 in travel. Can you say an almost-free business class round-trip on Flying Blue – Air France to Europe? (plus fees)


Air France business class available with Flying Blue points transferred from Chase UR – Courtesy of Reward Expert



5. When your sign up bonus finally posts you make a small squeak

This is seriously the best, I mean you’ve made it past the approval process and you’ve met your minimum spend. After the 2-4 week waiting game you finally see those points in your account and you check around you so you can air-high-five yourself.

This is what the miles-game is all about, we manage our credit and spending habits to maximize our return. The payoff is visiting countries and cities that your friends talk about as a retirement dream. When worldwide travel can be had for pennies on the dollar, I often wonder how there are such few point-addicts roaming the earth.



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