Earn Up To 3,000 American Airlines Miles For $12 – 2,100 Points Towards Companion Pass – The Economist

Needing to top off your miles bank? This shopping portal bonus could be a great option for you. Many airlines are offering a bonus for enrolling in a 12 week subscription to The Economist, at only $12.


American: 3,000
United: 2,400
Alaska: 2,200
Southwest: 2,100
Delta: 1,800


To give you an idea of the savings here, purchasing 3,000 American Airlines miles direct would cost you $125. You can receive the same 3,000 miles, albeit a few weeks later, for just $12. Personally, I’d take the 2,200 Alaska miles. You can fly one-way on Alaska Airlines short-haul flights for just 5k miles.

Companion Pass:

I don’t see any language that would imply these 2,100 points won’t count towards Companion Pass. What we are unsure of is exactly how long it will take to post the points to your account. If history serves, Southwest shopping portal bonuses take roughly 4-5 weeks.

If these points post in that time frame, they should count towards Companion Pass. Remember, purchasing points from Southwest direct DOES NOT qualify towards Companion Pass for this year. You can also book Southwest Hotels earning up to 10,000 points for one night, also crediting to Companion Pass.

Fine Print:

Please note these terms & conditions: Only eligible on one new paid subscription per household. Only eligible on first month for pay by month subscriptions. Subscription must be active for at least 60 days. Not eligible on subscription renewals.

Not eligible on any free products, trials, services, subscriptions and memberships. Not eligible on all retailer marketing subscriptions. Not eligible on sales in excess of Affiliate’s monthly cap in any calendar month.

Monthly cap is determined solely by Merchant. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.


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