San Francisco to Maui and Honolulu Hawaii for $288 Round-Trip – Excellent Availability with Virgin

It looks like a fare war to Hawaii has been waged. You’ll recall that Southwest announced their tentative Hawaii plans two weeks ago. It looks like Southwest has thrown a wrench in the California Hawaii fares, all good for us!


$288 round-trip from San Francisco to Maui (


At $288 round-trip and NON STOP, this is indeed the lowest I’ve seen to the 50th state. Virgin America comes in at the cheapest with Hawaiian Airlines not far behind. Available dates are from early November 2017 through mid May 2018, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I recommend searching for flights and dates on Google Flights first. Once you’ve found your dates, and made sure to select the correct number of passengers, head over to to find the cheapest OTA to book with.

If you prefer a larger aircraft, Hawaiian operates an Airbus a330, a two-aisle wide-body jet.

Sample Deal


My thoughts:

I would book this sooner than later. I think the pricing will stay relatively the same through the winter though available days like Friday/Sunday’s will be reduced.

My feeling is that Virgin is trying to make Southwest’s introduction in the Bay Area less advantageous. If Virgin can ride the prices low for a while they are hoping Southwest will either avoid the Bay Area or not operate as many daily flights starting late 2018.


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