Highest Offer Ever – Barclay JetBlue Plus Credit Card – 60,000 Points After Spending $1,000

This is something to get excited about, Barclay just doubled the current JetBlue sign up offer to 60,000 points! Here is a route map of JetBlue for your reference.


The offer

In order to receive the 60,000 bonus points you must spend $1,000 in 90 days, easy enough, especially around the holidays. Additionally, there is a $99 annual fee which is not waived the first year, but don’t freak out.

JetBlue points are a fixed currency similar to Southwest. The amount of points needed for a flight is directly related to the cash price of the ticket. The conversion can vary slightly but generally ranges from 1.0-1.8 cents per point.


Example booking:

Take this $70 flight from JFK to FLL for example. If you wanted to use your JetBlue points it would require 4,100 points plus $5.60. If we divide 70 by 4,100 we get .017, or 1.7 cents per point. That is a great redemption!




Now if we take that same math and apply it to our sign up bonus of 60,000 points, (.017 * 60,000), we get $1,020 worth of flights. On top of that you receive a 10% redemption bonus which means your total net points will be 67,000 (6,000 rebate + 1,000 from minimum spend) = as high as $1,139 in value.

That makes the $99 annual fee a bit easier to swallow, right?

Do I Qualify?

Barclay states: “This offer is available to new cardmembers only”. If you currently have this card it is not worth applying. If you’ve closed a JetBlue Plus card 6+ months ago you should be good to apply again. Note that if you are approved by Barclay, you will receive the points. That is why it is worth calling their reconsideration line if you aren’t approved.

If you’ve recently applied for the 30k or 40k JetBlue Plus offer, you can request a status match if you are still within the 30 day window. Barclay is not known for matching outside the 30 day window of approval.

Offer link



  • Enjoy TrueBlue Mosaic benefits for one year after you spend $50,000 or more on purchases annually with your card

  • Get 10% of your points back every time you redeem to use toward your next redemption

  • No foreign transaction fees

  • $100 statement credit after you purchase a Vacations package with your card

  • 50% savings on eligible inflight purchases including cocktails and food

  • $0 Fraud Liability protection: You’re completely protected against unauthorized use of your card


HT and Featured Image courtesy of Deals We Like

2 thoughts on “Highest Offer Ever – Barclay JetBlue Plus Credit Card – 60,000 Points After Spending $1,000

    1. Typically Barclay posts bonuses a few days after the statement closes where you’ve met your minimum spend.

      I’ve also read some horror stories of them taking two months after you’ve met your spend.


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